Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Phone Call

Time contact was made: Approximately 7:30 PM
Time contact was terminated: Approximately 10:15 PM
Last time Dr. Crazy got to know a boy on the phone: 1991.
Evaluation of voice: Darling and in no way chipmunk-y or otherwise offensive.
Feeling after contact was terminated: Giddy and school-girl-like.
Feeling this morning: Same.
Number of times I've reminded myself that discretion is the better part of valor: 479

Best parts of conversation:
a.) We both laughed - a lot.
b.) He was so nice to me, and not in the bad nice guy way but rather in the complimenting of me way, which I adore and which happens like... never with the kind of losers I generally go out with.
c.) My read on him in email wasn't just the whole construction-through-reading thing, but really does seem to be dead on, except for that in email he came across a bit... well, I was worried he'd be too nice, but he's totally not too nice on the phone.
d.) Did I mention how much of the laughing there was? And really like no awkwardness? Yeah, very bizarre.
e.) Oh, and I did love that he seemed nervous when I first answered the phone.

Ok, enough of this. I did mention that my "friends" were following my eHarmony adventures and that there were many interested parties, but the time has not yet been right to reveal that readers both national and international are following my movements. We'll see whether I like him in person before I reveal any of that kind of information. Thus, I should probably shut up about it for now. But yay! It was not horrible! (Other than that I did no work last night, but what's a girl going to do? Work is just not everything.)

Edited to add: I had told him when we got off the phone last night that I would email him today. I went to do so, and he had totally emailed me already. Teehee!

Edited to add in addition to previous addition: I've been trying to leave a comment to respond to you all, but something wacky is happening with the word verification. At any rate, the point is that yes, I am totally, as Itinerarium puts it "toast," I really don't think that this whole "get to know the person" before becoming involved with the person is a good thing, as it really does leave one open to a world of pain and heart-ache, but the Chemist is fantastic. We shall see where it goes. I do know that he's made me into a nicer version of myself than I generally let out into public. I hope that lasts, though, because he is so sweet and I wouldn't want to chew him up and spit him out with the usual sort of bullshit antics that I pull. Ugh! But yes, enjoying the whole thing, currently.


Laura said...

Totally cool!

Kate said...

That was the CUTEST. POST. EVER. Can't wait to hear more giddiness!

itinerarium said...

Oh dear. You're toast. Good luck, and enjoy the giddy smiling and occasional embarassing internal giggle.

EmmaNadine said...

I got a big grin just reading this. But, GeekBoy and I met on the internet and got to know each other on the phone too. And we've been married over five years now and he's still my best friend. So I'm combining your happy with my happy. But still, huge grin and happy vibes for you.

ABD Anonymous said...

So cute! And so nice that he emailed you this this morning!

Cats & Dogma said...

Just remember, the line that "discretion is the better part of valor" is uttered by Falstaff, from whom nothing can be taken seriously.

Good luck!

ScienceWoman said...

Yay! I hope that giddy feeling lasts a long time with this boy.

sheepish said...

My reaction was the same as the impersonator's above. I still remember very clearly the first, butterfly-inducing, four-hour phone call. Oh yeah, and the dozens of follow-up emails the next day. Good stuff! Hope yours continues to go well.

Seeking Solace said...

I am so glad the phone call wen t so well!!! From what you have written, he sounds really sweet.

Kristiface said...

I think this is awesome :) I'm totally loving the school-girl giddiness! I think it's a really good thing!

And, I think that it is one of most amazing things in the world when a person can make another person "nicer". My J has really done that for me in a number of ways-- like, now I know how to apologize to people I love! Who knew!?!?! Anyway, congrats on a fun phone conversation. (And thank goodness his voice isn't chipmunky!).

Kristiface said...

And I was just thinking-- now, you have a new problem to overcome--

The Voice has to match the Person. Hmmm :) Have fun imagining ;)

Dena Marie said...


I am SO happy for you!! And I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to chew him up and spit him out like all the others!... because if he turns out to be like the others, you know you will. But enough of that! He will turn out wonderfully; after all, he is already non-chipmunkish... and that (seriously) is huge!

Well, you said to keep you posted about the cop... and it's kind of ironic that you posted about your great phone conversation with the chemist because I just posted about my... ummm, not so great... conversation with the cop. Unfortunately, I had to chew him up and spit him out through the phone wires; but the guy was just too dense to even realize it. C'est la vie... apparently.

I'll look forward to reading more about you and the chemist... to live vicariously through you! :-)

--Dena Marie

Masterfraud said...

Dr. C, when good things like this happen to you, I am so happy. You have a rocking blogular presence, and I think this is fantastic! Mabrouk!

Dr. Crazy said...

Thanks, everybody :)

Things continue on in the giddy and silly fashion of yesterday, so we shall see, I suppose.

bitchphd said...

Yay! Yay internet getting to know people! Yay confirmation that yeah, close reading skills are useful in Real Life! Yay cuteness and "not too nice!" Hehehehe!

(I have to say, though, re. your Wednesday entry, that you are the one who told me no one gets articles done by deadline, which made me decide my article won't get done by the deadline, which means that you are Not Allowed to get yours done by then, either.)

Dr. Crazy said...

Heya B,
Sorry not to get back to you via email earlier in the week, but to respond:

There is no way I'll get the article done on time if I keep talking on the phone with a boy every night ;)

And right on about the close reading skills actually being good for something!!!

AAYOR said...

Following this is so entertaining.

I would recommend some face time sooner rather than later for just the reasons you describe in your second edit. Phone giddiness just doesnt always translate, unfortunately. Heres hoping, though!