Monday, March 27, 2006

Obsession, Procrastination, Productivity

That, in three words, was my weekend.

The good news, is that the obsessiveness was (I think) related in large part to the procrastination, and so I'm hoping that now that the productivity has been achieved (complete draft of article done! though now it is 3 pages too long, and I've yet to put it in Chicago Style, so it's not DONE-done, but it is very, very close to done) I will no longer be obsessive or have the problems of procrastinating.

Ok, that is so rambling even I have trouble following it. At any rate, in plain English:

1. Friday, the Chemist called AGAIN. It was actually quite sweet, and yet another good conversation, and it was because I had suggested in my last email before I left school that meeting would be in order and so he wanted to talk to me about that. Tragically, I hadn't really expected him to call me to ask about that, and so I was caught off guard and totally spazzed out. Also, because I was in the throes of massive procrastination guilt I couldn't really bring myself to make plans. (You know how that is, when you're procrastinating you can't actually do anything fun - that whole thing.) So then Friday I drank some wine, felt sorry for myself, talked on the phone, and watched episodes of Sex and the City. I know. It's quite pathetic.

2. On Saturday, I spent the entire day minus the 1 hour I spent at the gym obsessing. Obsessing about the Chemist. Obsessing about my work. Obsessing about my job. Obsessing about fucking literary theory. I was, to put it mildly, a bit of a mess. I accomplished nothing. I ate about 4,000 calories.

3. On Sunday, the heavens opened up and I was productive! Yippee! Did I grade? no. Did I do any prep? Well, not so much. Did I do 99% of the things on my to-do list? Oh, no I did not. But I did write my article. And yes, it's too long now, but it's in a shape where I would show it to somebody without being utterly mortified. And somehow the process of finishing the article made me stop obsessing about the Chemist and gave me some perspective. (I also think the weekend of no contact between us was a good thing.)

So now it's Monday, and while I attempted to beat the Chemist to the emailing punch, I was foiled again by his attentiveness. Love the lovely attention. I did also, however, check in with my other eHarmony suitors. I am refusing to put all of my eggs in one basket before such time as it seems impossible to avoid. So, here's what's going on in eHarmony land.
  • I got a message from The Businessman. No, I'm not kidding. I am utterly surprised that he bothered to write back to my last message, which was about two sentences long and just said I had been busy. I couldn't bear to read the message that he sent. I'll leave it until... sometime.
  • A guy I had written off (Greek, computer guy) finally responded to my short-answer questions! He still has not revealed his picture so who knows about him, but we do know that he is like 6'2" tall.
  • A new guy (Golf pro) asked to start communication with me.

All in all, a completely manageable list of suitors, and then of course there is still my lovely Chemist. Perhaps I will get to have some dates in the near future? This would be very exciting, and I think a great way to celebrate after all of my hard work. Of course, that would be ignoring the mountains of grading that must be accomplished and all of the other tasks that must be accomplished. Sigh.

And guess what else? I found my camera. Man-Kitty pictures will be forthcoming, for those of you who are fans.


Derrick said...

Just catching up on all the posts since I was absent for a week. I have to say:

1. Good for you!
2. Definite Man-Kitty fan here

Cats & Dogma said...

Excellent news on the article. And despite all who say that revision is the hardest part, I have always been a firm believer in the notion that getting a full draft on the table is the lion's share of the work. And it makes all the other stuff that didn't get done pale in comparison.

New Kid on the Hallway said...

And who is NOT a fan of the Man-Kitty??

Yay for getting your article (almost) done, and boo for the obsessing (I know whereof I speak - last week was my week of obsessing. bleah).

Dena Marie said...

Ah! Sweet productivity! I've had a similar past few days. The article will be such a BIG one to mark off your to-do list. Congrats!
--Dena Marie
PS Man-Kitty = Extremely Cute