Thursday, March 16, 2006

Productivity: It's a Beautiful Thing

I don't really know what's gotten into me. I've been crazy productive over the past couple of days. Well, this whole week really. I'm about 90% to done on the article, I've graded 40 4-6-page essays, I've begun a new unit in Intro to Lit, which included teaching two poems and introducing Jane Eyre, I've considered submitting a proposal for another article for an essay collection, I've done a student recommendation, I met with Favorite Student Ever, I sent some important emails, I've continued the correspondence with the Chemist, I did 3 loads of laundry, I spent quality time with the Man-Kitty, I readied the assignments through the end of the semester for my comp. classes and did so early enough that I don't have to copy them myself, I've been to the gym regularly and I've been cooking actual meals for myself and bringing my lunch like a good girl. What's the deal?

  • Part of it is that the system I have of conferencing with students to give back papers really works for me, and it's something I've got to continue in future semesters for my writing classes.
  • Part of it is hormonal. At certain times in the month I just have more energy and more motivation.
  • Part of it is that I've been good about the gym this week, which does give energy (although this post is in part inspired by the fact that I'm procrastinating about heading to the gym right now and considering putting off doing so until tomorrow).
  • Part of it is caffeine, I've got to admit. I've had a Starbucks Venti Nonfat Latte three or four times this week.
  • Part of it is that I always feel more inspired when I'm doing research/writing as well as The Job (teaching, service, etc.). Something about having too much to do can actually make me more excited to do all of the things I've got to do - or feel like I need to do them in a more timely fashion at any rate.
  • Part of it, and this is the most pathetic part, is that since I began the online dating I feel pressure to be really busy in order to be captivating to suitors, whether with my job or socially, and this has only intensified since talks with The Chemist entered "open communication," as he actually knows what I do (basically) and so I want to be able to talk about it like I'm not a total slacker. And nobody likes the complainy slacker people anyway.

The point here, though, is that I've been getting a tremendous amount done, and that I'm excited to keep on this productive streak. The problem is, if The Chemist returns from his research trip and wants to see me, I might need to tell him no because there's really not room in my life for anything but work. And this, my friends, is why this profession is totally fucked up.


rwellor said...

Now I'm sure it was truly counted as an achievement, because I understand trouble getting laundry done. You wouldn't want to see what molders in my garage.

But dropping three loads of laundry in there, in apposition to creative pursuits and personal relationships?

That is blogging comedy genius my friend!

And remember. Chemistry, in creative pursuit and in personal relationships?

It can be quite productive.

And, from the blog at least, the notion of you as a complainy slacker is a bit odd...


StyleyGeek said...

I'm a complainy slacker and people still like me! I hope. Um. *gulp*

Dr. Crazy said...

Styleygeek: Of COURSE people still like you. That's just my fear-go-to-thing for strangers. "People won't like me because I'm not cool/busy/interesting enough." For other people the go-to-thing is different, I think. Some of my friends have the "I'm not pretty or thin enough" one, and others have the "I'm not smart enough" one. To each her/his own :)

Derrick said...

Just a quick note, Dr. C.

Spring Break finally arrived at our campus so I am off and away from the computer for days!

Look forward to catching up on the blog when I return.

gingajoy said...

uhm, can you come over and breathe some of that crazy-productivity dust on me? maybe it's all the students dressed like leprechauns, but i am utterly distracted today.