Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dating, Grading, and Writing, Oh My!

Well, it seems that those are the three activities that are preoccupying me this spring break, and in exactly that order.

First, an update on the dating. If this bores you, please skip to the Grading and Writing updates, as they are infinitely interesting (ha!).

Well, on Saturday I went out with the Businessman, and it was ok... I guess. I mean, it wasn't a bad date exactly, but apparently if the other person doesn't chat it up I become a crazy arrogant asshole who won't stop talking about myself. I left the date feeling like a bad date, even though I was just trying to stop the awkward silences. Not that there really were that many, but to me it felt awkward. I think part of this is that I went into the date not really knowing the Businessman at all, and so I didn't really have much to say to him. The problem wasn't one of chemistry or not-chemistry - it was one of just not knowing each other. Note to Dr. Warren: I don't care how compatible the personalities of two people are supposed to be, if they don't have shit to talk about, it's just not going to work. At any rate, if you don't believe that I was a bad date, I will prove you wrong: I explained the process of tenure and promotion to the guy. And the date ended because I looked at my watch. Not attractive. Not attractive at all.

Today, I've got lunch with the Computer Guy. After the horror of my babbling on Saturday's date, I'm a little bit nervous. I do, however, know that I look cute because I came into the office today to post my midterm grades, and I ran into my awesome department chair, who said that I looked "glamourous" and asked me whether I'd gotten a haircut or something. I am choosing to believe that this is evidence that I look fabulous and not to consider the option that this is instead evidence that I just generally look like shit when I come to work (which is probably closer to true). At any rate, clearly blowing one's hair out and wearing some lipgloss makes a world of difference. So yes, nervous for my lunch date. Don't know how people can stand to go on lunch dates, really. Ooh, and this reminds me: I'd better refresh my memory about what the Computer Guy looks like.

Edited to add: I have just finished with lunch with CG. It was... I don't actually know how it was. Much of the conversation was of the sparring variety, but there were no awkward silences. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I feel like I'd like to go out with him again. I'm not sure though. I think he might be kind of a dick. Or maybe we were both just nervous? Because he probably thinks I'm a bitch from the way I responded to his dickiness.... Or maybe what I'm reading as bitchiness/dickiness is really just the spark of attraction? Who the hell knows. I feel like I might be too much of an idiot to date in the new millenium.

Other than that, things are pretty quiet with the eHarmony, which is kind of annoying to me. I'm used to having a little more action on that front. How lame.

Ok, this is one of the mysteries of the universe that I suspect I never will solve: why, when students are given a take-home exam, do they fail to complete the exam? I'm not talking about the ones who clearly put it off until the last minute and half-assed it. I'm talking about the ones who seem not to realize that they've got to complete the whole thing, or who don't read the directions about what they need to complete. A tip to students everywhere: if you just write some garbage down for the essay or short-answer questions, I'll probably give you half of the points possible, which while still an F, will stop you from earning a 22 on a take-home exam. I mean, you've got your books. You've got your notes. Just write some shit down! Please!

I have yet to grade the 40 papers that came in on Friday, but I really think I should wait until it's closer to next week since I'll be returning them in conferences and I need to remember what I think of the papers. Says the procrastinating professor.

Ok, so technically I've not begun writing yet. But how could I possibly when I've had all of the dating going on and when the Oscars were on and when I needed to spend yesterday lying in bed with my kitty-cat re-reading the third book in the Harry Potter series? I'm totally going to get writing done tomorrow, though. Totally. Oh, and did I mention that I heard from the editor of the collection that I have an extra 15 days to finish the article I'm working on? They so should not have told me about that.

So yes, that's what's going on in my world at the moment. I've been exchanging emails with the Computer Guy for about the past hour. Again, he makes me laugh, if nothing else. I just hope the date goes better than the debacle of Saturday.


Derrick said...

I can't believe the Business dude didn't chat it up. Was he listening to you?

Maybe looking at your watch was the kindest thing you could do! A euthanised date is a good date, I always say.

gingajoy said...

maybe the bitchiness/dickiness is actually witty and biting repartee. if he's making you laugh on email, that's got to be good right?

glad to know i am not the only person procrastinating about writing by blogging instead. (my own deadline had just extended--this was also baaad for me. hmm, think i will go have a snack now).

Barry said...

I'd say that if someone plays out being attracted to someone by being a dick, its not a very good sign. But if you had a good time and some laughs, with the jury still out on him being a dick, then that's sort of positive, yes?

dianne_lone said...

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