Friday, March 03, 2006

The Friday Before Spring Break and All Is Well

I've been hanging out in my office for the past 4 hours as the papers from my two sections of comp trickle in. I decided to cancel class today rather than forcing them to show up just to turn in papers. That was nice of me. The halls are quiet; I suspect many other professors, too, cancelled their classes. My students are off to Mexico and other warm places, or they're looking forward to a week where they can get adequate sleep, or they're thinking about all of the work that they need to do over the break in order to catch up.

As I sit here, while the papers roll in, I should be grading or working on my article, or something. Instead, I am emailing back and forth with the sweet and lovable and yet unboyfriendable Computer Guy. Well, I suppose we don't know for sure that he can't be a boyfriend, but as the emailing continues, it feels like I'm emailing a friend and not a potential date. Partly this is because we had this weird exchange of relationship histories (initiated by him) over email this morning, and, well, he's just not a girlfriend-haver. It's not his fault, but I think that he would really require a lot of work to turn him into a boyfriend. I've done that work with so many guys - I just don't think I'd be up for it again. Not that this thought on my part has any basis in reality, though, because he hasn't asked me out even. He just keeps emailing me. Is he shy? Is he doing this dating service thing just to have an email penpal? Who knows.

And so. I have spent the morning telling my students to have a good spring break, screwing around on the internet, and emailing a complete stranger. I'm not sure what this makes me, but I think it definitely demonstrates how ready I am for spring break.


negativecapability said...

Doesn't it seem strange that someone who's not the boyfriend type would sign up for something like eharmony? Why wouldn't he just go for or friendster or myspace or something? It seems like a lot of effort for a pen pal.

Dr. Crazy said...

Well, I think he WANTS to be the boyfriend type. The problem is, he doesn't know how to be a boyfriend, which is why his longest relationship was only six months long. I think he may be working up to trying to ask me out, though, so we'll see. I mean, sheesh! How much emailing do I have to do to get a date?

Dr. Crazy said...

Apparently, I need to email for approximately 3 full days to get a date. Apparently I will be going out with CG next week.

Can I just say, I think that this whole internet dating thing has been a resounding success? I mean, yes, the first date I went on was with a weirdo whom I think is married, but still - 3 dates in 3 weeks seems to be a pretty good return on the investment. I think I need to go buy clothes to go on dates in. I do not have the wardrobe for this.

gingajoy said...

on the plus side, you can definitely get a lot from writing to one another. maybe this is a good thing? i know that if someone communicated well in writing, it would make me more interested in them.

and he says he is not a girlfriend haver--maybe he's just trying to not come across as too much, or protext himself if it doesn't worok out (and in the meantime being too "oh, I'm just in this for the friendship" thing.. yeah right)

keep us up-to-date!

(p.s. i came here via old site--i fricking loved your last post. really eloquent, and a gem for thinking about this whole academic blog thing. don;t ever delete that shit)