Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Day of Crap Posting

Apparently, while it is true that I do not have a "real" blog post in me, I do have a series of crappy posts that have been dying to get out. This, however, will be my last for the day, because I really do have a bunch of things to do. Like what, you ask?

  1. Go to the gym.
  2. Work on the blasted article that will never be finished.
  3. Grade like 20 essays. Because I'm an idiot and did not do them over the break.
  4. Design assignments for the end of the semester in the comp classes so that I can have them copied.
  5. Decide what to teach in the comp classes for the two weeks following conference week.
  6. Read essays submitted for mini-journal I'm co-special-editing.
  7. Revise MLA paper to submit to said mini-journal special issue, because apparently it's not a conflict of interest for my paper to be included even though I'd hoped it would be.
  8. Update my CV.
  9. Moon around thinking about boys.
  10. Eat something delicious and healthy for dinner.
  11. Regret eating both cupcake and brownie for "dessert" at lunch. Damn these student receptions! Damn them!
  12. Look at schedule for the next couple of weeks and make sure I've written things down in my planner.
  13. Judge two writing contests.
  14. Pray to the quitting smoking gods to keep me from taking up the smoking again.
  15. Snuggle with the extra-lovable Man-Kitty.
  16. Find camera (which I shoved in a drawer or something that I thought was sensible but now I can't find) to take pictures of the extra-lovable Man-Kitty.
  17. Grade papers for my intro to lit students. God, they should really hate me. Take-home midterm due before spring break, short paper due after. I'm a bitch.

The sad thing is that I'm sure I could list more things. One thing, however, that you will be excited to note is that I am totally caught up on my laundry. Which, of course, is how I've been using my "reassigned time" for most of the semester. God, I suck.

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