Thursday, February 16, 2006

Winter Doldrums

It's that time of the semester. Excuses from students? Coming in droves. Absenteeism? Rampant. Class discussion? Slim to none, for the most part. My research agenda? Non-existent. I'm not depressed, and I'm not unhappy. What I am is lazy. The problem is, I don't really have time to be lazy. I don't have time to watch the Olympics every night and spend oodles of time communicating with strangers on my stupid online dating service. I have an article due in just one month. I have a manuscript to whip into shape and to start shopping around. I have things I really need to do. And I don't want to waste this time and then have a spring break that is ultimately no break at all. I did that last year, thankyouverymuch, and it was absolutely no fun.

I know you're all here with me.

I blame February.

Postscript: I'll continue with the online dating related posts - per the requests of some of my readers, but I'll be sure to mark them clearly with "boy-crazy" in the subject line so that y'all who find them tiresome -as I know some of you must - can just skip right on past, should you so choose.


jo(e) said...

Yep. February sucks.

Seeking Solace said...

Not just sucks, but blows!

USJogger said...

It seems to me that the midterm doldrums have hit me earlier this semester than usual. This is the end of the fourth week, and I'm already feeling snowed under, both figuratively and, today, literally. I've got piles of grading sitting in my backpack, and I, too am ignoring it to watch "Snowboard Cross" and hang out on-line.