Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Takin' Care of Business (Every Day!)

I know you all probably want to kill me for that title for this post, as now you, like I, will have the "takin care of business" song stuck in your head. For this, I apologize, though not really because I needed to spread that particular malady around. If you want to get that song out of your head, you might instead replace it with the following (but skip over this if you don't want to have something perhaps even more horrifying lodged in your brain)......

"Ooh boy you looking like you like what you see/ Won't you come over check up on it/ I'm gon' let you work up on it/ Ladies let em check up on it/ watch it while he check up on it/ Dip it, pop it, work it, stop it, check on me tonight!"

I know, I'm really an evil person. But that Beyonce is one genius when it comes to singing songs that get stuck in one's brain - that are so powerful that they can dislodge other songs from one's brain. I won't even go into the 8 or 9 months in which I had her song "Crazy in Love" stuck in my head. But I digress. The point of this post is not, in fact, all of the pop music that sticks in my brain. It is that I a) finished my annual performance review a week early today b) I wrote my midterm for Intro to Lit like 5 days early today c) I scheduled myself to attend these faculty development seminars I've got to do d) I am about to go and meet with one of my colleagues about this advising thing we're working on setting up and e) after that I will be meeting with one of our candidates for new dean.

I am really quite something.

Put this under the heading of "self-congratulatory post" for which I am refusing to apologize.

Oh, but I should note that I had a revelation last night that the three hours extra a week I've got that normally are spent teaching my fourth class? Yeah, I've been spending those on laundry. No, I'm not kidding. For the first time since I've had this job I've been caught up on laundry during the academic year. Might I just say how fucked up it is that one needs reassigned time in order to take care of basic household everyday chores? (And whether it's me who's fucked up or the system on this one I'm not entirely sure.)


Kristiface said...

It's most definately the system. I don't make enough money to pay for one-- but I need a maid! :(

Kate said...

So that it's not just a self-congratulatory post... let me congratulate you too!

Manorama said...

Yay, Dr. Crazy! It's actually kind of motivating to read this as I'm grading and on that line where I could be ahead if I kept going at my current pace.