Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday Morning - Sigh

  1. I do not feel like teaching or grading today. This is a problem, as it is my job to teach and to grade.
  2. Since January 1, I have lost a grand total of 13.5 lbs. Sadly, I've got like 20 more lbs. to go before I'll be where i want to be, because, well, I've been lugging around some extra weight since dissertating, which I finished a few years ago now, but with the success of the past month and a half, I am optimistic. Apparently, all one needs to do to lose weight is to eat well and to work out a few times a week. Who knew?
  3. The experiment in Internet Dating is getting off to a very exciting start. I will write an actual post about it soon.


Cheeky Prof said...

Wow, congrats on the weight loss! Although I haven't confimred this, I wouldn't be surprised if I'd gained 13 lbs since Jan 1.

And I feel your pain about papers. Until this morning I'd somehow managed to completely forget about (wishful thinking?) some research proposals I need to grade for tomorrow. Damn.

Good luck being producting.

ejnw06 said...

I am curious. What are you doing to lose 13.5 pounds?

glassblowingman said...

and may i ask what dating site you are using ? i've found first hand that yahoo personals is pretty good for the most part. and udate is godawful ! lol. eh. you might want to stay away from adult friend finder... um, can i ask what name your profile is under also ?

Dr. Crazy said...

I'm going to do a post about my weight-loss stuff rather than to hog my own comments.

Seeking Solace said...

You should be very proud of yourself. 13.5 pounds in 6 weeks is excellent progress. You should reward your efforts.

I hear you about papers. I graded papers last night. The disgust carried into my 8:30 AM class. I handed back their essays and sent them away because I just did not want to deal with them!