Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Update on the Noisy Neighbors

Well, I followed the advice of leaving a note. It said something very close to the following:

"Hi Neighbors (there are two dudes who share the apartment - at least to my knowledge),
Could you please make sure to keep it down between 10PM and 6AM. Last night was not the first time that I was awakened by noises coming from the bedroom below mine. Thanks!"

I thought that was nice and got the point across. I didn't think it required any response on the part of the neighbor. I certainly didn't think that it would elicit a visit from the neighbor's big-mouthed girlfriend. Oh yes, she came on upstairs to tell me that it wasn't them making noise because her boyfriend works 1st shift now and they were in bed at 10:30. She then tried to blame the noise on other neighbors. I said to her, I hope politely, that I was fairly certain that the noises were not the noises of loud TVs and/or children (the only other noises in my apartment building, and which do not disturb me because of the layout of the building) and that the noises that awakened me happened at 12:15 AM and that they sounded like they came from people who had gone to bed. I then thanked her for coming up and said goodbye.

1) If you weren't the one making the noise, why not just ignore my note?
2) Why would you, the girlfriend, address the note when to my knowledge you are not a permanent resident of the apartment below?

My suspicion is that she addressed it thinking that it would stop me from ever complaining to the landlord. What she in her utter stupidity does not realize is that it actually encourages me to do so, because I suspect that she's living there and isn't on the lease. Yes, I realize I'm being kind of an asshole (or at least thinking about it), but I was really appalled that she had the audacity to confront me and to lie about the noise. I recognized her voice from the sounds that come through the floor.

I should note, however, that I had a blissfully uninterrupted night's sleep last night. Oh yes I did.


Melissa said...

I figure it's this way. Her boyfriend or maybe even her boyfriend's roomate made a snarky comment to her about her "noise".

She got all huffy telling them how rude you were to write it and that they "must" confront you regarding it.

They (of course) refuse because they mostly they just think it's funny, so she is left to do it herself.

~profgrrrrl~ said...

Yup. She's embarrassed and couldn't let it go.

Kate said...

I'm with Melissa and PG.

My puritanical, Protestant New England roots are cringing at this whole story!

Dr. Crazy said...

you think YOU were cringing, Kate? Imagine me! While I may be very forthright in my Dr. Crazy guise, I am a total prude about this sort of thing. I totally do not want to talk to strangers about the fact that I know the intimate details of their sex lives because of what I hear through the floor. The whole thing is horrifying.

Axis of Peter said...

Hey, Dr. C:

Did you realize this is a great and complete poem?

"I recognized her voice
from the sounds that come through the floor."

Masterfraud said...

Fucking brilliant. I am inspired to confront my own nefarious bangers this week!

rwellor said...

I have a non-paranoid interpretation. She was attempting to assure you that she got the note but did not want to admit that she (and boyfriend) sounded like rutting hogs. Blaming the noise on neighbors was just the smokescreen behind which she could meet you.

And then she changed her behavior because of the note.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

How about this --- she is kind of telling the truth... it isn't her and her boyfriend -- because he works at night... instead it is her and the roomate or some other miscelaneous guy she has home to keep her company.

If the boyfriend saw the note, she may have been busted and had to come up and confront you to save face with him...

Dr. Crazy said...

Ooh! I like IPF's interpretation! So salacious!

Another peaceful night last night. I hope the problem has rectified itself, but if it hasn't then I'll just complain to the landlord, as I've already done the neighborly note thing.

Psycho Kitty said...

I think you got my old upstairs neighbors. I wish I would've left a note:

Dr. Crazy said...

Oh my god - I think I totally DID get your old upstairs neighbors! That post was hilarious, by the by :)