Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ok, So This Isn't a "Real" Post Either

I've decided that rather than compose one of the posts rattling around in my brain (which might include a post about what I've been up to in my sections of comp., a post about my stalled research agenda, a post in the ever-popular whining-about-being-behind-on-grading genre, a post about the 4-4 load and how I'm making it work/not work, a post about maybe making a foray into the land of on-line dating....) I'm going to go shopping.

1. I've got this Staples gift-card that's buring a hole in my wallet that I got as a gift for this service thing I did. I resent that they gave me a "gift" of something that is best used to buy shit for work, but I'm itching to use it nonetheless.

2. I feel like I want new running shoes. I feel like my old ones aren't as cushy as I want them to be. I feel like if I buy new running shoes I'll stop feeling like I don't feel like going to the gym. (If I go today it will be only my second day this week going. I'm totally fucked if I can't kick-start myself. I think my problem may be a combination of a cold-snap and PMS, though, in which case I might be more motivated next week.)

3. I feel like I want new work-out clothes. See above.

4. I feel like I want many other items that I can't quite articulate right now. I think they involve shoes and/or pants. You know, I don't have any pants. Other than jeans. It's a real problem. I think it has something to do with the fact that pants are a hideous pain for me to buy and so I just don't buy them and then I hit this point in the winter and I'm wearing only long black skirts (of which I own FOUR, which seems like a crazy number of long black skirst to own) or jeans.

You know, I'm wondering: is shopping exercise? Because if it is, maybe I don't need to go to the gym today...


Bane said...

Well, if you park well away from the entry to the store, and you take time to browse a whole wouldn't be cheating TOO bad, now would it? :)

Seeking Solace said...

Last week I bought new running shoes and new workout clothes. I really did kick-start my workouts, especially the running shoes. My old ones were in bad shape! I bought Saccuny Grid Omni. I have always been a fan of Saccuny, because I have narrow heels. The cushioning in the Grid Omni version is like awesome. It’s like I am wearing slippers!

Shopping as exercise...I'm so for that!!!!

negativecapability said...

This is sad, but a Staples card would be a gift that would make me really excited.

And I, too, own four long black skirts (well, one is denim, but close enough)