Saturday, June 07, 2008

Rendezvous with the Kitten Dealer

Remember how I've been going on about getting a new kitty cat? WELL, I'm going to see the kittens today (and to hang with my colleague who's fostering them), and I suspect there will be a KITTEN in the house by Friday at the latest!

(I should make the final decision today about which one I'm taking, even though we all know it's Mr. Stripey, as he's already got a pseudonym and everything and he was the kitten I first loved from the litter. And I've decided that, even though it's technically wrong, the "stripy" needs an "e" - much in the way that Fergie decided "duchess" needed a "t" for her album title perhaps, but whatever, I'm sticking with it. I am so excited!!!!! And I may very well take a picture or two, depending on how much the wee one wants to pose. We shall see. Otherwise, you all will have to wait until he comes home for real.)

In other exciting news, this also means that I'll be visiting the Man-Kitty's biological brother, which is also exciting, as apparently he weighs like 5 lbs. more than my little man (we're very conscious about kitty weight in the House of Crazy), and I can't imagine what that must be like. (See, Biological Brother Kitty and Man-Kitty are nearly identical but for some markings, so it should be positively wild to see the Large and in Charge version up close and in person, for the last time I saw BBK in the flesh he was wee like my little man and but 8 weeks old.)

In non-kitten related news, I spoke to Stepdad today re: the trip to Lebanon, and I think that we're set for dates, and that we'll actually be going in early-to-mid July instead of later. Huzzah!


Andrea Turpin said...

Kittens! Yay! Lebanon! Yay!

JaneB said...

kittens definitely yay!

I visited my kitty dealer today and she had darling little spotty tabby kittens... but I was strong. So far.