Thursday, June 19, 2008

Budget Cuts

I'm not sure if I should actually post this, and depending on how I feel about it tomorrow, I may well poof the thing. But this is something I'm thinking about, and I feel like I should post about it, for however brief a time.

Ah, the time of the post being up. It was brief. But it did help to vent. Poof!


Anne said...


You are right. They are wrong.

Don't know how to fix it.



helenesch said...

I'm sorry to hear this--it really sucks! I don't blame you for being angry. Maybe once you've got tenure you'll be in a better position to do something about the evaluation forms. Reading a post like this makes me very thankful that I have a few very feminist collegues in my department. Not that this means these problems don't arise, but there's at least some awareness of the fact that sexist and racist biases exist and do manifest themselves in evaluations.

Our WS program went through some similar problems a few years back, and there was talk that maybe it would be better to just close up shop and see what the reaction was (from students, etc). We didn't do that, but we were lucky enough to get a new dean, which helped. But, yeah, it's easy for the administration to overlook how much work is going into the running of a program like this--where a handful of folks are passionate enough to do what needs to be done without proper support (and the handful of us doing the work uncompensated just happened to be women!)

So, I guess that's my longwinded way of saying I'm sorry that you're going through all this...

PowerProf said...

We have similar budget cuts and freezes, with similar stupidity. Sucks, doesn't it? And don't get me started about evaluations and age/gender. Argh

Earnest English said...

Waaaa. I missed the post that got poofed! It's like Crazymedusa's lounge -- I never get there in time! I realize Medusa is In Love, but will there be a Crazymedusa happy hour anytime soon? (It's the only happy hour it would be fun to attend while drinking the little I can drink -- which is practically none!)