Friday, June 27, 2008

In Which I'm a Bit of a Fool

Mr. Stripey's butt apparently did not really look funny. Apparently, he had litter stuck to it, but otherwise it's totally normal. Dude, I thought that at first, but when the litter didn't just come right off, I thought it was a desperate malady. It's not like I have much experience in these matters - I've never actually SEEN the Man-Kitty's butt up close and personal. He's a much less.... exhibitionistic cat.

So they gave me some dewormer (I think just to set my mind at ease) but otherwise just checked him out, and it appears he's hunky dory. Indeed, he has gained a full pound in just two weeks. I think that he might end up being the size of a tiger or similar. But then, as we know from the first paragraph, I am no expert in matters related to Mr. Stripey :)


helenesch said...

Well, it's good to hear that nothing's wrong! Seriously, much better to err on the side of getting it checked out.

indygal_24 said...

A word of warning -- when my fat cat was just a kitten, he'd get his butt down in the litter and it would stick to him. No biggie, unless you get the stuff that looks like little white plastic pebbles. That type of little is supposed to absorb the smell, which is good.

What's bad is that if it touches something wet, it sticks like you would not believe. I didn't realize that until I stepped on one of the little pebbles and I couldn't get it off my wet foot (the litter was in the bathroom at that time). So, I suspect if that stuck to the cat's, uh, male parts it could cause all sorts of pee problems.

I'm just saying.