Saturday, June 14, 2008

Jesus H. Christ

The Man-Kitty has become wise to the fact that I've been sticking the wee one in the bathroom for his dinner time. You know, so that Mr. Stripey doesn't gobble up all of the food, leaving the Man-Kitty with none. Except now that the Man-Kitty understands that this is the case, he won't eat his food because he wants to be with Mr. Stripey. All. The. Time. It's just not ok if Mr. Stripey is not around.

So I've got a 2 lb. cat that's a glutton and who will probably make himself sick if I let him eat all of what he wants, and an 11 lb. pantywaist who can't be parted from the 2 lb. glutton.


I should note, the Man-Kitty has never in the history of his life avoided dinner for any reason. Damn. Mr. Stripey has many powers that mere humans cannot comprehend.

And now they are wrestling and chasing each other around, according to the sounds coming from the living room.

Oh yes, indeed that is exactly what was happening, as the above demonstrates.

In other news, I have finished the closet, cleaned my bedroom, and now I have made the fatal decision to drink wine while doing paper weeding out. This does not necessarily bode well for productivity as the night goes on.


New Kid on the Hallway said...

It is SO awesome how well they're getting along!

Dr. Crazy said...

It really is, isn't it? I've got to say, I'm totally surprised by it. I'd been preparing myself for conflict from the moment I decided to get a new kitty, thinking that since the Man-Kitty had been an only cat that he would feel like any new feline was a threat. Apparently, however, this is totally not the case. Currently, they are both zonked out, having had their dinners (yes, I finally managed to get the Man-Kitty to eat) and having played like champions. I'll post those pics later :)

helenesch said...

It really is amazing! My sister had a lot of problems when she introduced her older cat to her newer one--I think it was a good month or two before they got along okay.

And Stripey is *so* adoreable!

Dr. Crazy said...

:) Aw, thanks Helenesch :)

You know, I think part of it really truly is that I thought of the Man-Kitty when I chose Mr. Stripey. There were other options in the litter that wouldn't have worked nearly as well, I'm convinced. Also, well, I knew that my M-K was sociable, and in fact, the reason I decided to add to the kitten family was because I felt like M-K gets lonesome, especially with the schedule that I've got now where I'm gone for a good 8-10 hours 3 days a week. (Apparently, the days when I'm totally home did not make a difference to him - he wants quality time every single day.)

I also have a theory that they get along so well because in spite of their radically different coloring and hair length, their markings are weirdly similar, and thus, narcissistically, they are in love :)

Dr. Crazy said...

I should note, too, that I made the decision to introduce a new cat now because I feared that if I waited until M-K got older that he wouldn't be into it *at all*. He's nearly 4 now, and he's still adaptable enough that this seems like fun. Also, I decided on getting him a friend because as adaptable as he is, he's not so into traveling for short stretches (like to my Mom's at Christmas) as he was previously. I can't imagine leaving him all alone at Christmas (even if the pet sitter does come, because I'm a spaz) and so getting the new kitty means that I can leave the M-K at home with him when I go on short trips (like at the holidays) without feeling like I'm horrible. I know, I need to get a life :)

life_of_a_fool said...

They really are too cute together! I'm also impressed they've bonded so quickly, and I totally get not wanting to leave a cat alone - that was my reasoning exactly.