Thursday, June 26, 2008

God. Just God.

In excellent news, I got an email from my production editor that the proofs of my book are in the mail! Huzzah! In less than excellent news, I need to have them done by July 21. I should note that I'm scheduled to go to Hometown for the few days before Lebanon on the 9th. Oh, and I can't work on them 4th of July weekend because A. is coming to town. I have a feeling that I'm going to have to do a super-duper marathon 48-hour sort of thing. I want to die.

(If they really went in the mail today, though, it could well be the case that I'll have them by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, in which case I can work on them Wednesday through Friday, give it the weekend while I'm chilling with A. to rest, and then do another three or so day marathon to finish up, which would be sweet.)

But so after tomorrow, grades for my summer courses will be posted, I will spend the weekend going to the pool and cleaning my hideously filthy home, and yes, I do believe that will take me through to Monday, when I will come into the office and clean here in earnest (so that when BFF finally moves out of her digs they can switch the desks without me needing to be here). Also so that there will be a place to put my bright and shiny new computer when they replace the piece of garbage I've got in there now.

I really don't want to grade. I just thought I'd note that in closing.

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