Saturday, June 14, 2008

Crazy Cat Lady

Though I've got to admit, even I feel as if I should address some new topics very soon, as I'm boring and nerdy even to myself. But so first, I know you'd like a picture of the sweet Mr. Stripey, looking sweeter than he's ever looked before on film.

Now, it's true, he only looks this particular way about 20 minutes a day. The Wee Mr. Stripey is generally more into leaping around like a very silly attack cat than in looking like this sweet little darling that you see before you. But during those 20 minutes when he's sweet? He is ever so sweet.

In other news, he continues to eat enough for one Mr. Stripey plus one Man-Kitty. Indeed, the only way that Man-Kitty gets breakfast and dinner is that I lock Mr. Stripey with his food in another room for 5-10 minutes so that he can scarf down what is actually his, giving the Man-Kitty a chance to daintily eat without shouldering the Wee One out of the way (which he has yet to even gesture toward doing). You'd think that an 11 lb. cat could take a 2 lb. kitten, and that this problem would be the reverse of what it is. Alas, no. It turns out that the Man-Kitty is a little bit like the Cowardly Lion in his sensibilities. He is absolutely no match for the fearless, brave - and dare I say it, entitled - Little Mr. Stripey.

The Man-Kitty may be spoiled, but he's never been so bold and brazen as this Mr. Stripey. And really, it's so cool to see how totally... chill the Man-Kitty is in contrast to this kitten. I mean, Mr. Stripey is one cool cat, but he is a bit more... well, in your face. I do wish Man-Kitty'd protect his food a bit more, but well, I suppose that's what I'm around for - to make sure that everybody gets fed and that a little 2 lb. punk doesn't starve my Man-Kitty out of health and happiness.

In other news, last night we had our first "normal" sleeping night, in which nobody was locked up and which the Man-Kitty snuggled up with me business as usual (after the two of us tag-teamed Mr. Stripey and forced him to settle down - for he was frolicking around on the bed, hopping sideways and pouncing for reasons that still he has yet to reveal to either one of us*** - me with soothing talking to him, Man-Kitty with some pretty awesome wrestling moves). And you know what seems to be true (knock wood)? Good old Man-Kitty and Mr. Stripey apparently wake up before they wake me up to hang out. Note what I said: wake up before they wake me up! Now, in olden times (i.e., last Monday), the Man-Kitty has been known to wake me up because he's bored. And then wake me up again. And then wake me up for breakfast. And then not let me go back to sleep. Not every day, but every now and again. The pattern with these two fine fellows seems to be that they find each other infinitely more entertaining than they find me. This makes me sad a little bit, but it's also, well, pretty kick ass. For example, once upon a time (i.e., Tuesday), I would not be able to post this in peace but rather would have to intermittently play with the cat teaser in order to do anything - otherwise the Man-Kitty would attack my foot. Unlike in days of yore, I am totally free of such obligations, because a kitten just chased the Man-Kitty into the bedroom. I anticipate that we have about 72 seconds before the two gallop from the bedroom back into the dining room, this time with a Man-Kitty chasing Mr. Stripey.

But so enough about these two frisky felines. On the agenda for today is the Massive Undertaking of Cleaning out the Closet and Cleaning Out the Study. It is time, friends. I cannot stand the insanity any longer. Apparently, this is why I had to finish that article. Until it was done I lacked all spring cleaning (and yes, it is still technically spring) motivation. I cannot - cannot - just lay around with the cats all day, as I did yesterday. I'm actually excited to accomplish these tasks.

What else? Oh, I heard back from Very Good Journal, and they'll be sending my article out for review when the editor gets back from vacay. This is why it pays to meet those internal deadlines that one sets up - sending something off at this time of the year can indeed slow the process of something going out for review, which I knew, but well, one can know this in one's mind but sometimes one can't help but not finish things in a timely fashion. Whatever the case, the thing is out of my hands and in theirs, so there's not much to do about it now other than to be patient. That said, I shouldn't complain, as I heard back within two days of sending it off what the status is, which I know is not at all the norm in most cases. I suppose this is why it pays to submit to places in which one has been invited to submit? Or perhaps it's just that Very Good Journal is Very Good about being responsive about such things, which is one of the reasons it's very good. At any rate, though, this means that I don't expect to hear anything back about the article until summer's end, at the earliest. This is fine, as I don't really want to have to revisit the Article That Would Never Be Finished before then.

Well. I do believe that this is all for now. Perhaps more later, if I'm in need of a break from my tasks of the day.

***"Cats will often display behavior commonly called "elevenses," since it seems to occur most often around 11PM. This consists of the cat's eyes dilating, its tail poofing out, and alternating between hopping sideways and racing all over the house. Your cat wants to play. Take it up on the challenge. Chase after it, play hide and seek. This can also be useful; playing with a cat just before bedtime reduces the chances of your cat wanting to play with you at 3AM."


Anonymous said...

Both of ours used to go mental between 8.45 and 9pm ruining the end of Friends every single time. Can never forget when Ross said "Rachel" instead of "Emily" and the curtain pole coming down.

Belle said...

I highly recommend some scheduled blocks: x hours of playing with cats, interspersed with cleaning. Get your priorities straight! Stripey won't be a kitten forever.

New Kid on the Hallway said...

Oh, man, they're both so cute! I'm so glad they get along so well together!