Saturday, June 28, 2008

And the Happiness, It Continues

In spite of the fact that I found out I won't be attending a conference I'd hoped to attend in the fall (panel rejected). I'm actually not terribly upset about it as it would have meant a bunch of new research that I don't really want to do in September/October. As it is, I think I'll use the paper for another conference in June, which won't be as terribly competitive.

So today I went to a party - With not just co-workers! Where I met new non-work people! - which was super-fun, and out of this, I think I have a new activity - a weekly sort of thing - in which I will begin to participate!

Said activity has been something I've wanted to try for ages but could never get off my ass to do it on my own. It does suck that I'll only be able to go for this week and then I'll have to take a month off because of my travels, but my hope is that I will have enough skill after the first meeting to practice during my travels so as to be ready to learn more upon my return.

In other news, I feel that I should report that after I made my "happy! hurrah!" post of last night that I then proceeded to have a total freaking meltdown in a conversation in the immediate aftermath of that post that began about energy policy in the United States, in which I cried and raged like a fool. Because, apparently, even though one does really "even out" in one's adult life (as my mother had predicted it would when I was 15 when I would cry and slam doors after political conversations with my Stepdad), every now and then the inner 15-year-old peeks out of the darkness and raises her ugly head, and one has, well, a total freaking meltdown. So even a happy Crazy is an erratic Crazy. It has always been thus, and I suspect always shall it remain.


JaneB said...

So glad to hear that other people do that! I freaked out completely over a casual tea-room conversation last week about poverty in our region - ridiculous (especially as I'm 99% sure the main arguer was just trying to wind me up anyway. Sigh)

Areeya said...


Belle said...

Yeah, but those are issues that are totally worth getting wigged out over. Bad grammar, supportive intent.