Sunday, June 15, 2008

Nothing to See Here...

Except Man-Kitty and Mr. Stripey that is!

Tragically, the picture that would have been most awesome I could not manage to take (we really need a full-time photographer around this joint). Man-Kitty and Mr. Stripey had retired to bed with me for a wee siesta. Well, I was planning on a siesta, as was Man-Kitty. Mr. Stripey was a little nutso. So Man-Kitty first was minding his own business and giving himself a bath (as he likes to do before naptime). At a certain point, however, he decided that all felines should be clean before he could rest. He grabbed that Mr. Stripey and proceeded to forcibly bathe him. Like a Mama Kitty would do. Like, he's totally got a maternal instinct, which was not at all what I'd expected. Strange times, friends, strange times.

In addition, BFF came over to meet Mr. Stripey today, and I think that Mr. Stripey may have given the Man-Kitty a wee shiner during a battle that they had in showing off for the guest.

But so two pictures, so that you all can get your kitty fix.

First, this is what the dynamic duo were up to while I was busy weeding out MASSIVE amounts of paper:

Second, I think this picture really captures the power dynamics of the relationship between the brothers: I don't think that Man-Kitty has been up on the top perch of the cat tree, unless Mr. Stripey is snuggling with me, since Mr. Stripey's arrival. One kitty in this house clearly runs the show, and, in spite of his size and age, it is not Man-Kitty. No, not at all.


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Mr. Stripey may be the dominant cat -- it sure looks like it from the photos.

When we brought extra-toes in, he was about the same size as Mr. Stripey (and looked exactly like him -- except with bigger feet...). Blind Kitty wasn't blind then, and immediately took on what we called the 'Nanny Cat' duties. There was a lot of cleaning, snuggling and making Extra-Toes mind his place. They were close for 12 years... until last week when we had to put Blind Kitty down.

Like you, we'd expected to get some significant resistance from Blind Kitty -- it was Old Kitty who put up a fuss and didn't want anything to do with Extra Toes... and she was the only feline female in the bunch -- and she had no mothering instincts.

rwellor said...

If a male cat gives a kitten a bath that male cat is "maternal?"

I'd wager my money on Man-Kitty being clean.

Like all Man-Kitties should be!

OTHO hand all this talk about dominance and submission is sending me back to my Foucault.

Alas! ;-p

New Kid on the Hallway said...

I have nothing sensible to say except look at that wee little kitten face!!!! (imagine lots of baby talk.) Damn, they're cute.

When I brought home Middle Cat she ruled the roost as a kitten - Eldest Cat was very reluctant to impose upon her. They got more equal as adults, though. I think there is a "I can't contradict the baby!" thing that goes on. (But again: so lovely that they get along so well!!)

Anastasia said...

should we be wishing man kitty a happy father's day?

meanwhile, I love that they've formed a dynamic duo.

k8 said...

We had a male cat that was very maternal/paternal with one of his littermate's kittens. I think if he could have nursed them, he would have. He would clean them, corral them when they were venturing too far away, etc. He was a very good babysitter when his sister was off hunting.