Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm Not Really Sure If This Qualifies for Blogging the Lost But....

So, MONTHS ago, I was nominated for a college-wide award, which meant that I had to submit a version of my promotion and tenure materials to be judged alongside the other nominees. This was a pain, but also was kind of good because it means that I had to do a lot of work with the materials that I otherwise would have had to do this summer.

But so anyway, the annoying thing is that the dean STILL hasn't sent letters out to let us know who won the freaking thing, and my binder has been sitting in the college office since April. Well. I am not a patient person, so I finally did email somebody about wanting my binder back, and they are carting it over to my office today, I guess. But apparently I'll get a letter "this week or next" about the stupid award.

I do not care about a fancy official letter. Just tell me if I'm a winner or a loser, goddammit!!!!

And so now, I'm sitting here wondering whether it's a good sign that nobody's leaking the news or a bad sign. Or maybe it's no sign at all.

But so I thought I'd blog about this issue because while that letter isn't technically lost (well, unless we think of it as lost on my dean's to-do list or lost in his brain), I really want to find it in my department mailbox before the week ends!

This whole waiting to know whether I will be awarded something really, really sucks. Did I mention how I'm not patient? And did I mention that we were supposed to be notified about this by mid-May? Grumble.

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Belle said...

I soooo agree! I'd put in for a certificate, satisfied all the reqs, got forty seven reminders about the awards luncheon... never heard if I got the award until they called me up. Since they'd started by asking all the award winners to join them on the podium before the announcement, I was still sitting at my table (along with other non-notified types) seething.

The award came with a nice check... and the price tag still on the award itself.

Classy, no?