Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Wow. I Usually Don't Dream with This Much Symbolism.

So I came home today, had a bite to eat, and then I took to my bed to read some Potter. As you might imagine, I fell asleep. It was the kind of sleep where when I was awakened at 6 o'clock my my cat, I was confused for a full five minutes and thought it was 6 AM instead of 6 PM, even though it seemed to light in the sky for it to be 6 AM. But also, when I was awakened, I remembered this dream I'd been having.

Ok, so it's a dream, and I'm in my house that's not my house (blah blah blah) and it's a wreck, and the people who work in the office of my apartment complex show up and let themselves in. (At this point it seemed like it was going to be one of my recurring dreams that I have, where people keep coming into my house without my permission, but no! It is not that dream!) Well, so I don't really want them in my messy house, and I keep apologizing, but they totally didn't care about that, and kept trying to give me this present they'd gotten for me, and they kept repeating how "proud" they were of me (I've no idea what for.) So finally I open the present, and while I don't remember the paper, I do remember that the box it was in was homemade and constructed out of a Marlboro Lights cigarette carton but where it's supposed to be silver it was instead pink, which was quite cool looking. And inside the box was this:

It was a small, flat, square... talisman - that's all that I can think to call it. I think that it was made of snow quartz, which is said to "bring good fortune and is a calming and soothing gemstone. Many believe it helpful for meditation and looking within. It also is called beneficial for the immune system." Engraved on this talisman were two runes. First, the rune Daeg (aka Dagaz) was engraved, and it was quite small. Right next to it was engraved a much larger Hagall (aka Hagalaz). Now, while I've never been one to know much about crystals, I do own runes and I do have a number of rune books. I recognized Hagall straight away in the dream - it's kind of my "signature rune" which comes up all the time when I do rune casts (which, incidentally, I've not done in months and months - maybe even for over a year). As for the little Daeg, I remembered the symbol, but I didn't remember the significance of it.

And then I tried to find a seat for all the people in my dream, and there were too many chairs and so people couldn't manage to sit down comfortably, and then we all decided to dance, and some woman tried to make out with me, though this was not something I was comfortable with doing.

And then my cat woke me up. And I thought it was morning, even though I didn't remember going to bed and I couldn't believe I'd not set my alarm (which does in fact go off at 6 AM, so the first thing I did was to congratulate the Man-Kitty for waking me up on time even though I didn't have my shit together to set the alarm).

If dreams mean anything, then I think we can be certain that this one means some kind of change is coming. Big change. Wow.

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