Monday, January 22, 2007

I Shouldn't Have Napped This Afternoon

But it was cold and snowy and I was in my bed with my kitty cat and a book, and well, things happen. And so I KNOW I need to go to sleep, but I'm not at all tired.

Things accomplished this weekend, aside from napping:

1) Continued work on talk, and somehow it still needs to be edited down. (I practiced for the first time all the way through, with the kitchen timer, tonight. I hate that I'm the sort who is a "good reader." I blame all of those readings I did in church from ages 7 through 13. Damn my natural inclination to read performatively! Why can't I just speed through like everybody else, dammit! I mean, I actually get SLOWER when I've got to give a talk in front of people - because I get all actressy about it - which means I've got to continue cutting the shit out of this thing. That said, I'm not altogether unhappy with the way it's all going.)

2) I read (well, who am I kidding, skimmed) some articles that I needed to read.

3) I watched the final 2/3 of a movie I'm showing in one of my classes and made worksheets for the students to complete.

4) I straightened up and vaccuumed in the living room.

5) I finally unpacked my suitcase from MLA. Yes, that's the kind of person I am.

6) I read 200 pgs in a novel that I'm teaching.

7) I did some thinking/prep for various classroom situations that I've got on the horizon.

8) I made plans to go see The Queen.

9) I spent quality time playing with and loving the Man-Kitty.

10) I talked to a bunch of people on the phone to whom I needed to talk.

All in all, a pretty good weekend, if not a particularly social one. I wish that there would be freezing rain over night so school would be cancelled, but the fact that I wish that makes me feel like kind of a brat and/or like a weird antisocial person. But don't think I won't be checking the university website as soon as I wake up in a kind of hope against hope sort of a way.

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