Friday, January 05, 2007

Only a Little Less Than 72 Hours of Freedom

And actually less than that, because I actually have to go into school today in order to get syllabi and assignments copied.

The good news is that I think I'm pretty much done with everything that I NEED to have done for Monday. The bad news is that Monday is going to come far too quickly, and I really don't feel rested and rejuvenated for the spring semester. I feel burnt out, and that is no way to start off, you know?

Mostly I feel burnt out about one of my three classes and about my administrative thing that I took on, thinking that it would be better than a fourth class (it is not). I feel burnt out by the prospect of teaching a class about which i have no passion, and I feel burnt out about continuing in a position that has me dealing with people who insist on treating me like I don't have a fucking Ph.D. and like I exist to serve them, like this bullshit is my only job. In other words, I am totally not energized about my semester when I think about these two things.

When I think about my upper-level class, however, and when I think about my intro to lit course, I am totally psyched. The intro to lit just made it's enrollment minimum yesterday (which is totally bizarre, as most semesters it usually fills right up on the first day freshmen can schedule) and I've been maxed out in the upper-level class since very early in priority registration. I really think that both of these courses are going to be fabulous - maybe even fabulous enough to make up for the other half of my teaching load, which makes me very unhappy.

The other thing that sucks is waiting to hear about interview crap, which really is pointless to wait because there's nothing I can do now to change whatever's going to happen. Must stop thinking about it.

So yep, that's the life of crazy. If people want to continue commenting in the networking thread on the previous post, please don't hesitate - my intention here is not to stop what is a really great discussion, just to whine and complain a little :)

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