Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Both of My Classes Were Cancelled Today

  • I learned of this fact after arriving on campus.
  • I was completely prepared for both of them.
  • I had spent two hours last night working on a sample presentation/handout for one of them, which meant that I had to miss the Golden Globes Red Carpet coverage.
  • I rushed around in order to get here on time this morning, in spite of the fact that it's cold and I would have very much liked to stay in bed.


Anonymous said...

This is why I think academic offices should come equipped with hammocks...you're on campus, you've got some time to kill, wouldn't a nice nap be perfect?

Anonymous said...

I was just going to suggest a nap!!!

D.B. said...

My class was cancelled today too...because I overslept. I emailed my students and used car trouble as an excuse. They're going to see right through it, aren't they.

Anonymous said...

Wait, y'all have offices? Wow ... :)

Estrella said...

In my four years at MySchool, classes have been cancelled only once- for the celebratory parade when the local sports team won the major game in their division. It doesn't matter if we actually have snow or inclement weather.

Hope you had a chance to relax!

Anonymous said...