Monday, January 22, 2007

The Queen - Meh

Sure, Helen Mirren is great in the film, and the editing was excellent, but it really felt like a made-for-tv movie or something. Prince Charles only looked like Prince Charles when his back was to the camera, and I'm sorry, but Prince Philip is infinitely hotter and cooler than James Cromwell. And Diana is really the most sparkling presence on the screen. Which I suppose was always the problem for the real queen, so this is, perhaps, ok.

Anyway, see it for Helen Mirren, but yeah, it's not all that. (That said, I've been thinking about it since I left the theater, so maybe it's better than I think it is?)


itinerarium said...
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itinerarium said...

Favourite line: "Mr. Prime Minister, I've got Gordon on the phone for you." "Tell him to wait...." Almost a decade of Labour politics, neatly captured in a throwaway line.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! I saw this movie on the flight to London (ironically enough) and didn't realize there was so much hype surrounding it at the time. I thought to myself, No wonder all the Brits come to Hollywood to act!

Then, I land, hear all this news in Britain (and then at home) about how this movie was amazing-fantastic-wonderful. WTF? People are actually TALKING about it? People actually WATCHED it?