Monday, January 15, 2007

Some Interim Thoughts on the Golden Globes

I don't have much of interest to note, I suppose, but here are some things that have been going through my head as I watch The Golden Globes:

  • I don't get the whole "hair as headband" thing sported in opposite and yet equally horrifying ways by Vanessa Williams and Sienna Miller. Williams' version is "here's my real hair that is straight, and I shall add a wig as a kind of afro hat on the back of my head." This version (to my unschooled eye) was only slightly more effective than the Sienna Miller "I shall wrap a fake braid around my head as a band to hold back my otherwise gym-ready up-do."
  • Is Ben Stiller beginning to remind anybody else of Danny Bonaduce? What with the tiny compact gym-body that he has chosen to turn a bizarre orange color? Put a Bonaduce-red wig on him, and I'm telling you: they could be twins.
  • And speaking of looking like people one wouldn't necessarily choose to resemble, I don't think the break-up is treating Cameron Diaz well. With the unflattering red lipstick (and I'm usually a fan of the red lip), the brown hair, and the wedding-cake of a dress, all that came to mind was "Miss Havisham."
  • Anybody else notice that nobody wears the "AIDS awareness" red ribbons anymore? Or the pink breast cancer ones? Or any of the other ribbons of the rainbow for whatever good causes they were supposed to signify? I suppose it's just not fashionable.
  • I hate Brad and Angelina.
More later, perhaps.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'll buy any copy of US weekly unless it has Brad and/or Angelina on the cover. This does a lot to cut down my crappy celebrity magazine consumption, though :)

Ianqui said...

My only addition to this list is that it occurred to me that I've never seen Sascha Baron Cohen not in some kind of costume or in character. He's reasonably attractive. Who knew?

Anonymous said...

I also hate brad and angelina.

Dr. Medusa said...

I would be watching this with you over the phone if I weren't frantically trying to finish my syllabi with it on in the background. First, both Sienna's and Vanessa's hair were bothering me in vague yet profound ways. Thank you for clarifying. I see what you mean about Ben Stiller's compact little body, but I cannot agree that he would be Bonaduce-like with a red wig. You would have to go at his face with a hatchet for awhile to reproduce the ravages of drugs and alcohol present on the Bonaduce face. (Rather, Stiller is turning into a twin of our friend the ubiquituous drummer, straight serial monogamist confirmed bachelor. I know you know who I mean.) I too hate Brad and Angelina. Don't they look desperately unhappy? And somehow like wax figures?

Britty said...

I noted the lack of ribbons as well this year, but about halfway through the show I realized everyone was wearing the autism puzzle piece. I guess a new year gets a new cause for awareness?

Anonymous said...

Sasha Baron Cohen is *hot. Hearing his plummy Cambridge dialect -- which increasingly broadened into Ali G vowels, as he got more cheeky -- I thought he should invent a new character, the Cambridge professor, and conduct Ali G type interviews with some of our profession's finest.

For my money, though, the most tasteless moment came when they played that *Madonna song over the Warren Beatty montage. Hell, why not show his scene in Truth or Dare? No wonder Annette Bening was drinking so much champagne.

Somewhere out there, Jennifer Aniston was commiserating. And hopefully drinking.

I was sorry to miss Jennifer Hudson -- how was she?

Anonymous said...

What is it about Brangelina? I admit, I am fascinated. Not so much with Brad as with Ang and the kids. I've been sticking to my resolution to not buy any of those crap magazines (although I reserve the right to load up when I'm going to the beach on a hot day in July), but I can't seem to resist skimming photos when I'm in the grocery line. I think I'm intrigued with how Angelina seems to move through her life quite easily, apparently not even noticing the swarms of paparazzi who must follow her around everywhere. I don't think I hate her. I'm not jealous of her either. I just think she's not doing a bad job of being a working mom. She's made some mistakes, but I wouldn't want to have mine showcased to the world like she has. Oh geez... how did I get to this place where, instead of working on my dissertation, I'm defending a celeb?

Anonymous said...

yes YES. i hate brad and angelina too. *especially* angelina.