Monday, January 29, 2007

Ok, Loving the Labels

It's really easy to add them. Who knew? Though I'm not going to get anywhere near adding them for the whole archive right now. But yes, I am hopeful that I will manage to label everything very quickly, ultimately.

The question is, will I be able to figure out how to list my labels in my sidebar?

But for now, I must away to my bed, where I should read something other than Harry Potter, but where I will read Harry Potter.

Ooh! Love labels! That said, am not sticking a label on this dumb post, as it's barely worth a label.

'night, everybody!


Anniina said...

I love the labels too, but I gave myself permission not to go back an add them. I just add them to "back issues" if they're something I'm proud of, or might want to reference later. So just enjoy them, and don't let the thought of months and months of posts take away the downright shininess of having labels. And as for Harry Potter, I can't think of a much better bedtime book! I have my "should read" pile on my night stand, and then I have the book I know will give me sweet dreams, which I actually end up reading.

Horace said...

For posts like this, you need the oh-so-meta label: "Posts not worth a label."