Monday, January 08, 2007

On the Somewhat Belated Arrival of Enthusiasm

For yes, my friends, it has arrived! Sure, it took its sweet time in arriving, and no, this doesn't mean that I'm all of a sudden filled with Stepford-wife-like serenity about everything, but I woke up this morning feeling... well, excited. This puts me in a much better mood about the prospect of my day, even if my day promises to be kind of crap-filled. And really - why dread the first day, no matter what class(es) one is teaching? I mean, all you really do is introduce yourself and go over the syllabus.... I should save up my angst about teaching for the much greater trials that I will face throughout the course of the semester.

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Anonymous said...

I started today too, though less to the dulcet strains of enthusiasm, but more to the screech of panic that has set in over the last couple of days. If you've got any zen left over, send it my way!