Sunday, January 28, 2007

One Thing I'm Not Modest About

I am one hell of a good cook.

Of course, you only have my opinion to go on, and I suppose the corroborating opinion of my mom ("You'll really make somebody a good wife someday!" - gah!), because it's rare that I cook for other people. Weird fact about Dr. Crazy: I really enjoy cooking for myself most of all, and I really hate entertaining. For this reason, few people have ever actually tasted my cooking, unless they are in my "inner circle." Oh, I did make a lasagna that got raves for a department potluck, but yeah, I really don't cook for anybody but myself. Maybe this makes me a selfish cook.

Anyway, this weekend I made a delicious potato soup with leeks (recipe from the best cookbook ever, How to Cook Everything - though really to make it creamy all you need to do is take a potato masher to the potatoes - you don't need an immersion blender, and some chunks of potato are quite nice - and you don't really need to add cream if you're trying to be figure-conscious - and for breakfast today I made delicious french toast, and for dinner tonight, I made a fabulous putanesca sauce (although it was even easier than the recipe I posted, as I had some tapenade I made previously in the fridge, so I just used some of that in place of the olives, capers, and anchovies, as tapenade is olives, capers, and anchovies), pasta, and a modified version of chicken parmigiana, of my own invention, with homemade breadcrumbs and boneless/skinless chicken breasts. It was all. so. good.

(And does anybody else feel like milk is the absolute best beverage to drink with tomato-related foods? Because the glass of milk that I had with dinner really hit the spot. I love a glass of cold milk with dinner. It's just so good.)

In other news, today I accomplished the following:
  • Taxes. I know, I can hardly believe I was this on the ball about this either. But I really need the refund :)
  • Preparation for upcoming trip.
Things I did not accomplish:
  • Prep for classes.
  • Grading for classes.
  • Work related to book proposal/manuscript.
Maybe I'll accomplish some of the above before I sleep. Probably not.

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