Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ah, The Muse

Once upon a time, a very inspiring Man-Kitty

named a certain individual The Interloper. Now, perhaps the Man-Kitty's interpretation was unfair. Clearly, the Man-Kitty had a vendetta against this person, as evidenced by the fact that he cut him, deeply, with his razor-like claws, a cut that (from all reports) left a scar (Crazy doesn't really believe there's a scar, incidentally, but rather that The Interloper is a bit of a drama queen). At any rate. The point here is that a certain individual, who certain well-respected kitty-cats might name The Interloper, appears to want to inspire Crazy. To serve as a sort of muse.

Now, this is hilarious on so many levels. I mean, first, imagine the figure of the muse that has been perpetuated as a figure of the creative imagination for, lo, these many centuries. The flowing robes. The lute. The fact that this figure is often conflated with an ideal object of desire. The fact that this figure is, without fail, construed as female. Now, imagining a feminized Interloper, an Interloper in full drag, is a fun enterprise indeed. But let's get beyond that initial image. The whole "muse" thing is funny even without this.

For there is something supremely funny to Crazy in conceiving of a person who wants to tell her what might be fun to blog about, or what material might serve as fodder for this humble blog. I think that this enterprise, on the part of the Interloper, has to do with his wanting to support her hobby of blogging. I mean, I really do think that he makes these suggestions generously, in an attempt to contribute to the enterprise that is Reassigned Time. It could also have to do with what he'd choose to blog about if he had "a blog of his own." (Is this like "a room of one's own?" It must be.) But you know what I think is more likely than either of those first two options? I think that he truly wants me to blog about him. Indeed, it's been a long time since I've done so. Ok, well, maybe it hasn't been quite that long. But nonetheless, I've not talked about him much in recent weeks, and I think that this makes him sad. Petulant, a bit.

And so recently, there've been quite a few suggestions for things that I might post about. Of course, I never post about them. Not to be a jerk or anything, but because I post whatever occurs to me, and I don't quite think of "topics" in the way that I think he supposes that I do. But so yes, I've got a person who's campaigning to be the Muse of Crazy. And this is, well, in one respect, delightful. I mean, who wouldn't want to have a muse of their own (not unlike "a room of one's own" either.) That said, I do believe that the Interloper should probably realize that if I'm not writing about him that it probably is a good thing. It means I'm not turning into him an imaginary figure that I've constructed, and that I view him as a "real" person (whatever the hell that is). Here's the thing with me and The Muse (or, as the Man-Kitty would call him, the Interloper, or as I've called him in the past, FB or Fake Boyfriend): he really is one of my peeps, and I only write about the peeps in passing, if at all. Moreover, if I were writing about him more, or about his topics that he suggests, well, it would mean that I wouldn't think he's awesome in and of himself, and I do. Ah, The Muse, The Interloper, that FB. Dude, he should realize that if I don't write about him, or write about what he suggests, it means I actually care about him. It's all so obvious.


Brigindo said...

Call them what you will, they tend not to be to good with the obvious.

Love to the Man-Kitty

Anonymous said...


Sisyphus said...

Ah the mind of Crazy, it is a mysterious thing, no?

or perhaps it is the logical thought processes of FBs that are mysterious and, dare I say, crazy?

In conclusion, I would like to sum up: what a cute kitty!!!!!

Lorrie said...

Too funny. I have two would-be muses, constantly trying to suggest blog topics. I say, get your own damn blog. The only time I want to write about people I know is when I can poke playful fun at them.

Belle said...

Isn't the whole concept of a personal, dedicated muse too wonderful? And to BE the Muse of Crazy?