Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oof. And the Day is Done.

So, of the ten items in my last post I accomplished.... 1, 3, 5, 6, 8,9,10. In other words, I did one hell of a lot of stuff, even if not everything on the list. And now I'm eating some dinner, in spite of the fact that I feel too simultaneously exhausted and keyed up to be hungry. I was on campus for 10 hours today. And there was no fooling around - I worked solidly all that time. Tomorrow promises to be another long day, mostly filled with admin stuff. Let me just state it for the record right now that I'm not doing crap on Friday if I can help it.

In other news, the M-K hates long days like this, and he's been meowing forlornly since my return home. I really feel that he needs a companion of the kitten variety. Ah, perhaps in Spring, the Season of Kittens, his need for companionship will be satisfied.

I want to write something else about something... but I've got nothing. Too pooped to come up with things about which to write. Wish me luck that I'll get my mojo back before tomorrow morning, as the day begins with what promises to be a difficult hour-ish of teaching (squeezing coverage of a whole novel into one class period to make up for weather-related cancellation). And so I say it again: oof.


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

M K should have a buddy....

of course, I had to put New Kitty off the desk before I could type this, or instead of a buddy, M K would have a girlfriend (or, whatever you'd call a formerly girl kitty who has a crush on M K) :).

In all seriousness... a second cat is really a good thing. My cats would be very lonely without their companions...

Dr. Crazy said...

Well. The Man-Kitty would like to note that he is not averse to a long-distance Girl-Kitty, though, of course, he does desire local companionship :)

(He's really a cad. He's one to lead the ladies from afar on, while he keeps his options open at home.)

That said, I really do think that I'll be getting a new Kitty before too long. I've been thinking about it for a while, and I've put the word out to my kitty supplier (colleague who fosters kitties and is hooked up with the local kitty rescue people). So obviously, should this occur, there will be many pictures of any new addition to the family :)

Kate said...

Ooh, a Lady-Kitty (or another Lad-Kitty) would be exciting! My first guy Cormac, while sometimes grumpy about Flo, ultimately has more to do during the day and I think in their own way my cats do like each other.

And wow, yes, you did get a ton done today!