Sunday, February 03, 2008

Getting off to a Slow Start

How is it already quarter after 1? I certainly don't know where the day is getting to. On the agenda for the day (and yes, I'm writing this here so that I actually do these things, for apparently I am not accountable to myself):
  • Grocery store
  • Gym (for the first time in 2 weeks! I think the cold is finally beaten - knock wood, etc.)
  • Research Project assignment for one class
  • Catch up on some email
  • Prep for the other class
  • Make at least one of the three dishes that I've got planned for the week, if not two. The third has to be made tomorrow.
So, you may be wondering how the fitness, finances, and fun resolutions are going. Well, even if you're not, I'm going to tell you anyway. As far as I'm concerned, they're going fabulously. Admittedly the "fun" one is in a bit of a hibernation mode, but that has as much to do with the season as it does to do with anything else. I figure when spring comes there will be time enough for fun. But that's not really true, actually, as I have been having a good deal of fun, it's just at home sort of fun moreso than social sort of fun. This is because I am not motivated to leave my house when it's gross outside. But I have high hopes that when the weather turns I will incorporate the social fun. As for the finances, well, I updated you on that on Friday. The fitness, in spite of the two week sabbatical from working out, goes well. I'm so happy that I'm finally cooking for myself again! I make delicious and nutritious food! One thing I've realized is that I don't ever want to cook on the days that I teach (which may have been part of the problem when I was teaching five days a week). So what I've done is I've gotten myself into a habit of going to the grocery store on the weekend and making two or three meals between saturday and sunday. Then, in the middle of the week, I'm all set and I don't need to cook NOR do I fall into the trap of eating garbage. It's really something. On the menu this week are three beef dishes (I'm sick of chicken at the moment). Depending on what looks good (and is on sale) at the grocery store, I will make either a small roast or a big steak with veggies for dinner tonight (yum). Then, with what's left, I will make two other things: 1) a thai-influenced beef and rice thing (that originated from some recipe or other a few years ago) and 2) vegetable-beef soup. Between that and all of the stuff in my freezer (chili, a chicken stir-fry, and who knows what else) I have lots of variety and all of my choices are yummy yummy).

But so yeah, that's really all I've got to report. I've been reading for the article (though it's been the fun part of the reading - as I've decided that I'm going to talk about a couple of novels that didn't appear in the original conference paper), thinking about how excited I am to be doing this article, even though I had thought I needed a break from research stuff, and yeah, that's about it. Oh, and playing on the computer and thinking about teaching and stuff. And I did go out to dinner on Friday night, too. So yeah, that's the latest. And now it's time for me to force myself out of my house or I'll never leave.

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New Kid on the Hallway said...

I'm trying something a bit like your weekend cooking these days - I go to the store on Sunday and buy stuff for all the meals for the week (I know, everyone who's grownup already does this, but I'm behind the curve and have just started doing so), so that I don't have to spend the weeknights going, What shall we eat? (I think part of the problem of being a married type is that I want to defer to him about what to do for food and he wants to defer to me. Which wasn't very useful, so, since NLLDH eats everything and I'm finicky, I've just started planning our menus and he's fine with that.) I'm not industrious enough to cook everything on Sunday (though that's a really good idea), but my theory is (and it's mostly worked so far) that if I actually have all the stuff to make a certain meal, I'll deal with cooking it even when I've been teaching. (It's if we have to decide what to cook in the first place that we're likely to order pizza.) It helps that I refuse to cook elaborate stuff these days, so anything I cook on weeknight isn't going to take any longer than pizza, and I try to make stuff that'll stretch over two nights (the one thing I miss about not living with NLLDH is that if I made a dish I knew I was good for at least a few meals - whereas now there are far fewer leftovers and hence cooking has to be done more frequently!).

(Okay, that turned into a tome - I'm kind of bored, can you tell??)