Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh, that FB

He'd been joking forever that he was going to give me this as a present. (I will note that I never requested it, nor did I even want it.) Guess what I got in the mail today, which I'd never expected he'd actually get for me? I'll admit, I laughed as soon as I saw the package.

He claims it will change my life. I somehow think that I'm too much of a natural slob for that to happen (my room looks like it's been ransacked by hooligans as we speak), but I suppose we shall see :)

edited to add: So apparently FB expected me to update this post to sing the praises of the F-F (and, I suppose, of him, which I guess I can do since I've been kind of mean to him at times in this space and in life, so perhaps he warrants some publicity for his good deeds). At least that was what he seemed to indicate last night on the phone. Ok. I hate to admit it, but this gadget really is quite something. For shirts especially, it really does a) make things take up less space, b) eliminate the problem of the tower of folded clothes that falls over when you're almost done with folding. And it's fast. I know. You don't believe me. That's ok, because I didn't believe FB when he tried to convince me of this thing's effectiveness months ago. And yes, I'm a little embarrassed about how excited I was actually to like the thing. Medusa surmised that I didn't really like it but rather that it's been so long since I've gotten an unexpected present that my brain didn't know how to respond. There may be some merit to that (although the thought is depressing).

In other news, I actually spoke to FB about his choice of Pepto Pink for my F-F, and apparently I am pink to him. Not green, not blue, not yellow. I'm not entirely certain what that means, but when he gave that explanation, the image that popped into my head was the pink peg that goes in the car when you play the game of life to signify "girl." I wasn't sure why I thought of that, as I've not played the Game of Life in years (although A. and I did mean to play it over Thanksgiving weekend...), but then I did an image search and it was clear to me:


That's the exact plastic-y pink of the F-F. Lord only knows why FB thinks I'm a "Pink person" but there we are.


BrightStar said...

well, unless the thing actually DID the folding for me, I say that it's not really helpful. :)

Dr. Crazy said...

I will say this, though: it made me laugh when I needed a laugh :) And I laughed even harder when I opened it: he got me pink, for girls :)

Sisyphus said...

Brightstar beat me to it! I was hoping it was a) a robot that did all the laundry for you or b) a Chippendale's model to be your personal "house boy." ;)

I mean, who doesn't know how to fold things? And who cares enough about it to actually _do_ the folding?

Dr. Medusa said...

Do you even have that many t-shirts? Except the morning-after ones you steal from boys? Actually, even if that is the case, you have quite a few . . .=).

Dr. Crazy said...

Medusa: I do indeed have that many t-shirts. And remember: my kleptomania often tended to be massive in the days when I did regular sleepovers, so some dudes out there are missing like 10 t-shirts.

I think a robot to do all of the housework would have been most excellent. Maybe if I can stay in FB's good graces, he'd get me the next best thing, a Roomba?

GayProf said...

That little gizmo reminded me too much of when I worked in a clothing shop. We had little boards on which we had to fold everything perfectly. I hated when the manager would appear with her measuring tape to ensure that we had mastered the mysteries of folding.