Saturday, February 23, 2008

Old Habits Die Hard

And this is why I typically don't do much writing during the semester.

Remember how I had to finish those revisions today? Well, I knew that I could get them in by tomorrow AM and it would be cool. And so I hemmed, and I hawed, and I bitched, and I moaned.... until around 4:30. And then I took a break. And then I worked a little, and then I took a couple of phone calls. Let's just say that I started working in earnest around 10 PM. And let's just say that I could have predicted this, because my absolute most "inspired" time for writing is at night - not in the day. I can make it happen when absolutely necessary, but, well, with the knowledge that it wasn't necessary? I couldn't force the inspiration, but rather had to wait for it to visit itself upon me.

I'm as bad as a student who pulls an all-nighter. And I should probably admit that I was a student who pulled many all-nighters. Even though it's wrong. Even though it's not how you're "supposed" to write. But guess what, folks? I've still got a few more hours to go, and I intend to go the distance. (That said, have also had a glass of wine. Perhaps not wise, but it made the prospect of writing seem like a fun activity as opposed to an arduous one.)

But the worst is over - that brand new intro I needed? DONE. Now I've just got three things to address and I'm DONE. Wish me luck.

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Miranda said...

Thank you so much for writing this post. This is *exactly* how I work and it makes me nuts even while my work is held up by instructors as the example to follow and I get **paid** to help students do it the *right* way.

BTW, I'm supposed to writing myself all weekend. Trying to figure where to work the wine in my writing schedule.

(/gushing over-identification...)