Monday, February 11, 2008

Grading Break

In bullet form, as that will make it seem like I'm being brief :)
  • While grading, I'm watching the BAFTA Red Carpet coverage, and Daniel Radcliffe is like the size of an action figure. I mean, he is wee. Wee compared to Ryan Seacrest. I don't know *how* I feel about this.
  • My students are so great. I'm reading the first assignments from the class that I don't talk about in specific ways, and while some did better than others, all in all I'm entirely hopeful that a lot of what I'm saying and what they're reading is getting through to them. Hurrah! And they are totally making BRILLIANT points about how students respond to the sort of material that they're seeing (all but two for the first time). I wish I could quote them, but that would be inappropriate. But let me tell ya: love the insights of my students.
  • I'm sure you've been wondering about my hair. I mean, I think about it a lot, so you all must think about it from time to time. Well. Lo, months ago, I decided I was growing it out. This is not something I normally decide to do - I'm much too impatient for the growing out of hair under normal circumstances. I'm happy to report that I've finally decided what I'm growing it into. Lengthwise, it's close to this right now. What shall it become? Well. I do believe it shall be this when all is said and done. And indeed, I do believe I will be going just about that blond when summer comes. Ah, the Klum. She is a hair inspiration.
  • You know what motivated me to finish my grading tonight? That I'm hoping through the effects of Murphy's Law my finishing it will mean that there will be a snow day tomorrow. I'm so lame.
  • Hmmm. There was something else I felt like talking about, but I forget.... Oh YES. That's it. Am I the only person to have been surprised and saddened to realize during the Grammy's last night that Dan Fogelberg had died? How did I miss this news?
And now, the phone is ringing, so I am done :)

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Maude Lebowski said...

the heidi klum is a good look for you. i can totally see you with that.