Friday, February 22, 2008

Pulling Teeth

People often get the impression that I am very productive and efficient. While this is probably not *entirely* untrue, I thought you all might enjoy hearing about what, thus far, has been one of the most stupid and unproductive days in the world. I should note that I really can't afford for it to be this.

Back story: Once upon a time in 2004 I gave a conference paper. Ultimately, I submitted that conference paper to be considered for publication (vague possibility of conference proceedings), and then it was decided that people were putting together a collection, so I needed to expand the conference paper into a full-length article, and then I got notes back and then I addressed those, and then I think there was another round of revisions (though it's very fuzzy now) and then the collection was sent off to the publisher that had expressed interest, and then the readers' reports came back and there were Things To Be Addressed and I got the essay back yet again (although it's so old now I don't even know what the original point was) and so I did what I thought were the appropriate revisions and then I got it back again and I've had it on the back burner since October. Well, the jig is up my friends. I've promised I'll get it to the editor today. And so here's been my day thus far:

7:00 AM: Wake up, but decide that really I should just relocate to have a wee early morning nap on the couch.
9:30: Ah! I am feeling so well rested. I should probably look at blogs and drink some coffee. No need to get to work immediately. Indeed, it's always preferable to ease into the day.
10:30: Really should get to work.... Ooh! email from High School BFF and she has a snow day! I think I'll just call her on the phone!
11:30: Tell HSBFF that I should really get off the phone and do work.... and then we talk for a half hour more.
12:00: Maybe I need to play some Civilization on the computer. It will help me to think strategically and to collect my thoughts.
12:45: I really don't think that I can hunker down for the revisions until I load the dishwasher.
1:00: And I did buy stuff for a crock pot meal. If I prepare it and put it on now then that will actually save me time because I won't need to think about food later, and I won't have to interrupt myself if I'm in the zone.
The Present Time: And probably I should do a blog post before I settle down to work....

What in God's name is *wrong* with me? Ok, really going to try to do some work now :)

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Dr. Virago said...

Weird. I had the *exact* same day, starting with the alarm going off at 7 am, but me not actually getting up until 9:30!