Friday, February 08, 2008

RBOC: I Am Boring Edition

What's been going on with me? Oh, it's scintillating, let me tell you.

  • I'm still sick, though seemingly improving? At this point I don't know whether I've got a new cold, a lingering cold, a horrible chronic condition that will never leave me. I'm hoping it goes away though.
  • So, Valentine's Day's coming up. Now, I think it's lame to be all "I am wearing black on Valentine's day and comforting my lonely self with bitterness" but nonetheless, it's stinky when one doesn't have a Valentine. I've decided my solution to this problem this year is that I'm going to make a person be my Valentine against his will, although it will also be made clear that he's only my fake Valentine so he shouldn't take himself too seriously. Not sure if bullying a person into being my Valentine is a positive, but what's a single girl to do otherwise, if she's feeling like she'd like a Valentine? And besides, it's kind of a compliment to be chosen in this way, I think. I mean, really. Isn't that what Valentine's day was all about in, say, 3rd grade? Indeed.
  • Lots of stuff going on re: work that is unbloggable. Not bad, just political, and I'm sort of involved in it. It's more annoying than anything.
  • I've got much to do today, including the making of appointments and calling the maintenance people to fix my kitchen sink/garbage disposal (don't ask) and cleaning my bathroom, etc. Need I note that all I *want* to do is to lie around? I really need a personal assistant/maid.


adjunct whore said...

you and me both--boring, unbloggable political shit, and total lack of energy to do all the massive amounts of stuff i need to do. okay, here maybe we part ways since you seem to have more energy than any single-academic i know in the sphere:)

Dr. Crazy said...

Adjunct Whore: People always think that I have more energy than normal people, which always surprises me because I feel like I spend a lot of time not accomplishing things. I think it may be that even when I'm not accomplishing things I think about and talk about all of what I must accomplish or plan to accomplish? Also, things fall by the wayside for me that I think others see as essential parts of their daily living. For example, it is now 3 PM and I'm still in my pajamas and I have not showered. The bathroom is still not clean (and it is *disgusting*) and while I did vacuum, I think it was the first time I did so in.... well, a very long time indeed. In other words, all of the time spent on personal hygiene and home maintenance that others spend? Well, that often gets assigned to laziness in these parts :)