Saturday, February 23, 2008

Shopping! Hurrah! Tra La!

Well. After last night's triumphant completion of my revision, I awakened this morning to feel as if I really deserved a wee little shopping spree. See, with the whole financial resolutions of the new year, I've not been spending money except, really, at the grocery store. But I felt that having been so good about that, and having been so good about eating well, and having been so good about work and well, just everything that I should treat myself.

First, and most importantly, I've been wanting new perfume for AGES. And this week I finally encountered the only perfume that would do:
ChloƩ EDP/1.7oz
The bottle! It is beautiful! The scent! It is like a flower that you want to eat! (Which is pretty much my criteria for all of the perfume I wear... it has to make me feel like I want to eat myself because I smell so good. I'm not sure what that says about me.) And to make it even more awesome, they gave me the Beauty Week Goody Bag because my purchase was very close to the $100 that one technically was supposed to spend in order to receive it! And it is awesome! And inside it is a wee bottle that looks just like the big one of the Chloe perfume, only it's like the size that you might be able to put in Barbie's dream house on her vanity or something (although for Barbie it would be a bit large, but we all know what a consumerist show-off Barbie is). And there's also a sample Laura Mercier lipgloss that is AWESOME as well as other creams and a Fekkai hair mask and it's just awesome. But so yes, now you all can know what Crazy will smell like this spring, should you be motivated enough to find out.

But my shopping was not over with this purchase, for I also made my way to Macy's. I had decided before I left the house that I would allow myself to spend $100 in addition to what I spent on the perfume. Well. I did not spend that much, but rather only spent 55 bucks. The one item that I purchased for which I can't find a picture (and I'm too lazy to take a picture of it) is a DKNY top that was originally $60 that I got for under 10 dollars. I also bought two pairs of shoes. One is very practical (and super-duper comfortable and good quality):
BORN Women's Scotti

Original price? $85. Price I paid? $17.63. But then, well, I decided that I needed something a little more... well, a little more crazy. Fun. Some kind of footwear that would make me feel like I was very fashionable indeed. And that wish, my friend, led me to these:

I am in love with them. I might want to marry them. And know what makes me love them even more? Original price: $99. Price I paid? $25 bucks.

I love buying presents for myself! I love it! And now I need to eat something, for I am famished. (I almost took myself out to lunch, but then I decided I'd rather eat what I already had at home. But then now I'm too lazy to eat any of it. It's quite pathetic.)


dr zombieswan said...

Congrats on your cool new boots! I LOVE boots like that and can't really wear them anymore-- foot nerve damage made worse by pregnancy w/ twins. Wah. I USED to wear cool boots. Nowadays, they have to be totally flat.

Shopping is fun. :)

Sisyphus said...

Hurrah for finishing things! And hurrah for going shopping (and maybe the biggest hurrah of all for staying on your budget ---- I'm quite impressed!)

kfluff said...

Is the Macy's shoe clearance not the end all be all? The Omega? Never fails to make me feel good about myself. Bully for you!

Belle said...

Oh, you are so good! And you bought good stuff and feel good and isn't that the coolest?

Belle said...

Okay, Crazy, it's all your fault. I liked your new shoes so much, I went off to Macy's in hopes of similar deals. Not finding them, I ended up buying full price shoes - horrors. But I can't wait to get them, because I just love them. I'll send the bill on to you...