Friday, February 15, 2008

RBOC: TGIF edition!

  • I don't know how to write about what happened at NIU. So I'm not going to. There just aren't words.
  • And so instead I shall write about frivolous things. Like how this schedule of mine this semester? It totally doesn't get old! I am so happy every single Friday! And sure, the mid-week is grueling, but the Friday where I don't need to be anyplace on a regular basis? This more than makes up for the grueling Tuesday through Thursday.
  • This afternoon I went to get my hair cut, and that was an excellent treat. I love my hair person. She's just so great. And so CHEAP. Today's visit, which included a cut and an eyebrow wax, cost a whopping $30 bucks (plus tip). And I was quite pleased because she supports my desire to end up with the Klum haircut, and she congratulated me on how well I've dealt with having the heavy bangs, for apparently not all people do so well with them. This made me feel weirdly proud of myself.
  • I'm eating some yummy tuna casserole (whole wheat noodles, many veggies, low fat). I'm really loving the healthy eating thing I've been doing in the '08. And apparently my ass is loving it, too, for this has been the week of wearing pants that I've not been able to fit into in approximately a year.
  • In other news, I'm thinking I may do some work on the article for a few hours. Where this motivation comes from I really don't know.

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