Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yesterday Might Have Been...

My absolute best day ever.
  1. Taught 2 good classes.
  2. Book came in the mail! Yippee! (Still can't quite get over that.)
  3. Managed to get everything but pie crust sort of done.
  4. FB arrived.
  5. Fab dinner (FB had tuna - delish - and I had a fish stew w/ mussels, scallops, etc.) and Fab bottle of wine shared between us.
  6. Etc. I can't figure out how to write the rest in a way that's not just gross (in a gooey way - nothing actually "gross" happened
So let's just say I'm giving thanks early :) (And very early it is, stupid kitty cats with their "schedule" for breakfast!)

Now going back to sleep.


Bardiac said...

6. Scandalized the neighbors by holding hands on the porch swing?


Hope you enjoy your visits!

Dr. Crazy said...

Something like that, Bardiac :)

Now, he is sleeping and I am baking pies, one of which I will send with him to his mother's. I feel as if aliens might have taken over my consciousness. Just saying.

Comet Jo said...

Conrats on the book--holding it must be cool...