Monday, November 17, 2008

Why Am I Procrastinating about Grading?

I know I need to grade (a) and I'm a tool for not getting done with it (b). I've got two - just two - stacks of things that *must be graded*. And one is half-done. And yet, I don't feel like it. So here I sit, not grading, thinking about not-grading, thinking about how easy it would be if I would just grade and get into a groove.... and yet. I'm totally not grading tonight. Because I'm a jerk who makes excuses. And indeed, I've spent much time this evening thinking of how I shall justify my not-grading to my students as well. Lame, lame, lame.

But I'm still not grading. No sir, I am not.

Perhaps I shall awaken early tomorrow and finish the half-done stack, thus appeasing my students? Oh yes! And then I have a 2-hour period of time tomorrow when I have to hang out in my office between student appointments. Indeed. This is when I shall do the other stack. I'm still sort of pathetic, but this will mean I'm done with this grading by tomorrow. This is positive.


harrietsdaughter said...

Yeah... I sent a pathetic email to my students earlier this evening about why their papers weren't graded yet...but did I come home and grade? No. But I'm sure I will tomorrow morning - before class - right?

Meansomething said...

I'm kind of a tool, too. But I'll be done with all but one class by the end of the day.