Sunday, November 30, 2008

In Which I Am an Inventive Cook

A thing I really do love is to make up new recipes. I always feel slightly uncomfortable publicizing these recipes to the world, for I fear that I may reveal myself to have more in common with the inventor of "fish stick parmigiano" or "sloppy joe di maggios" than I'd like to admit, and while I think there is nothing wrong with inventing such things in the privacy of one's own home, making such inventions public does indeed seem wrong.

That said, I did make a red cabbage soup today, into which I threw in left over mashed potatoes from Thanksgiving, thus making the soup pleasantly creamy and thick, even as the cabbage was crunchy.

Also, I finally tried that brussel sprout recipe I'd intended to try on Thanksgiving (the Gods of Thanksgiving must have intervened, because my brussel sprouts never made it home with me), and it turns out I don't hate brussel sprouts! I only hate them every other way except for this way! It is amazing!

I also made the lebanese chicken/almonds/meat dish that I so love.

So anyway, I've got food to tide me over all week long. Operation Fitness resumes! Deliciously!


~profgrrrrl~ said...

I cannot even bring myself to click on a link for fish stick parmigiano, but your soup sounds just fine.

I, too, like to experiment in the kitchen. And having a bunch of food for the week is a fine, fine thing! I'm jealous. I got as far as a grocery trip (while 402 is here to carry bags for me) and making a big marinara sauce, but that's it. Lots of fresh veggies for the week ahead, and the hopes that I have the energy to cook them.

Marusya said...

Er, uh, I don't think you can mention all these new food items without including at least one recipe! What is this Lebanese chicken/almond dish that you so love??? Details please!