Saturday, November 29, 2008

RBOC: Qual. Time and Shopping with Mom of Crazy

I'm back! My mom's been here since Wed. night, so I haven't been blogging, but now she is homeward bound, and so I thought I'd give an update.
  • In spite of my feelings of TCB on Wed. morning, it turned out that the pumpkin pie that I sent with FB wasn't entirely baked.... I did send him a message to make his mom put it in the oven (I'm not this much of an idiot really - was just rushed and distracted) but apparently his mom thought I was an idiot because of the whole "not baked pie" problem (though he claims he defended me valiantly). Ah, whatever. Just goes to show that thoughtfulness isn't my natural register :)
  • Thanksgiving dinner was great, and for the first time ever I made just about the right amount of food - the only thing left over in my house is turkey, which I shall transform into healthy food today. Operation Fitness resumes today!
  • People asked about the sweet potato recipe - is it really that simple? Could it be possible that it works every time? Indeed, it is really that simple. And it does come out every time. When I make it, I typically make it the day before, and I bake it for about 30-45 mins covered. Then, when I take the turkey out, I stick it in the oven (after it's been sitting out to take the chill of the fridge off) for about 15-20 mins uncovered to make the top bubbly and browned a bit. I will say this, however: this year I dumped too much cream in, just because I didn't feel like measuring. Still came out grand, though. If you use too much cream, just dish it out with a slotted spoon :) I also salt/pepper to taste in addition to the sage, which brings out the flavor of everything. You should know it's wicked rich, too, and that really instead of it serving 4-6 in the full recipe, it probably stretches to serve that many plus leftovers, particularly with all the other thanksgiving side dishes on the table. For me and my mom, I made just one sweet potato, and that came out to like 5 individual servings.
  • Yesterday my mom and I went shopping, and G.'s presents for Christmas are taken care of. Great sale on Polo stuff at Dillards. I also got a skirt, a sweater, and a t-shirt for myself.
  • I've been thinking about commemorating getting tenure (crossing fingers, saying prayers, though I did get the positive decision from the dean, so all is going according to plan) with a present to myself - some big purchase. I've been toying with various options - diamond earrings? a vacation-type trip? - but I think that what I've decided upon is NICE kitchen knives, like these. First, they're something I'd never shell out the dough on under normal circumstances, in spite of the fact that I really do cook enough to support a decision to purchase them. Second, I will get to enjoy them like every single day for the rest of my life. Third, there's something right about buying something that could be used as a tool for murderous rage as a result of the tenure decision :) So, if you have fancy knives that you enjoy, perhaps give me some recommendations? I don't want to spend more than like 500 bucks, but other than that, the world is my oyster :)
I suppose that's all for now. There's work I should do, but I think I'm going to be lazy-ish for the next long while. It's nice to be without visitors after the past week :)


Belle said...

Congratulations, with no jinx attached, for the tenure news. And yes, I too think you need to celebrate in such a deadly, enjoyable way. I celebrated mine, but don't remember how, so obviously nothing as remindful (new word?) as your knives.

Did Mr Stripey behave himself, or join M-K in tormenting FB?

Dr. Crazy said...

Ah, I had forgotten to give the kitten update! Well. Mr. S. loves FB with a love that is pure and true. There was playing and purring and happiness and all manner of lovableness directed from Mr. S. to FB. M-K behaved himself, but he kept suspicious watch over all of these dealings. Indeed, M-K's attitude was one of keeping his friends close and his enemies closer. Note: M-K was in no way upset when my mother came on the scene, and indeed, he was affectionate and joyful at the visitor. You'd think, perhaps, that it's a problem with men that he has, except the only man with whom he seems to have this problem is FB. Ah well, I do think that the two of them seem to have declared some sort of angry truce, which I suppose is better than out-and-out warfare :)

Nik said...

Knives are the best present you can buy yourself. I bought my Henckels ten years ago (back when I had a job that paid for more than the mortgage). I get them sharpened once a year and they are still in great shape. I can barely cook where there are no good knives now.

Lawgirl said...

You cannot go wrong with Wusthof knives. If you're not wanting to spend quite so much, I love my Chicago Cutlery knives and found them at department stores for more than 50% off during the holidays.

Krista said...

I enjoy my Wufthofs every day of my life -- even more than my Henckels. You'll never regret that decision.

susan said...

Knives are an awesome tenure celebration. I have some Lansom knives which are a bit of a disappointment, so I'm looking at Henkels or Westhof to replace the chef's knife.