Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Am Feeling Very Excited!!!!

Indeed, in less than 12 hours I will be in a restaurant, eating yummy food, with FB. Sure, I have lots of things to do this afternoon, but it turns out his flight gets in like an hour later than I thought, which is like the gods saying, "Do not fret, Crazy! You have loads of time! You can be excited! Not freaked out about not having enough time to accomplish things!"

It was funny, in talking to BFF last night, she noted that FB and I wouldn't get to see each other for very long. This observation is, in fact, true. But you know, it hadn't occurred to me to be irritated by that. I mean, the fact of the matter is that typically we don't get to see each other at all, and so I'm totally all, "wow, I'm getting to see FB in real life! How exciting!" and not, "I'm so mad that on one of the rare occasions FB and I can get it together to see one another it isn't for more time and I am not going to take any pleasure whatsoever in seeing him for less time!" And let's face it people: it's not like we need to have a bunch of time-consuming conversations or something during this visit. I mean, our relationship takes place nearly entirely on the phone. We've kind of talked ourselves to death, if you get what I'm saying. No, it will just be nice and fun and yay and then I will send him on his way to his mom's house. And then MY mom will come to spend quality time with me, and that will be grand, too. Ah yes, everything in my world is very nice indeed.

Oh, and FB indicated when we talked last night that he really hopes I find time for kitten manicures - or, actually, that he "isn't worried about Mr. Stripey" but that the Man-Kitty should be taken care of. Now, there is part of me that wants to test his theory that The Inimitible Stripey will not cut him like a streetfighter with a grudge and a bad attitude. But seriously, if I'm going to take one cat, I totally can take them both. And it would be nice for me to do that, ultimately. Perhaps I shall do that instead of dusting.

Ok, must go consider my plans for molding minds. And then teach. And then meet with students. And then take kitties for beautification. And then make pie crust. And then finish doing things around the house. And then maybe (crossing fingers that this is possible) nap. And then beautify myself. And then FB! Hurray! It shall be a busy and yet excellent day! I can feel it!


k8 said...

Cat tip: Someone recently told me that she deals with her kitty's claws by playing with the kitty with an emery board ever couple of days. The cat brushes it's claws against it enough (and they play regularly enough) that she rarely needs to clip cat nails.

Nik said...

I cut my cat's claws myself. I wish I could run over to do it for you. I like a challenging Man-Kitty.
You're updates on levels of excitement are amping up my anticipation for the holiday. I'm not sure I can teach coherently. Have fun with FB and parental units.