Monday, November 24, 2008

Shit! Shit! Shit!

It is nearly 8 PM. All of the many things I was supposed to do today reduced to doing laundry. The laundry is now mostly folded, but I still must make the bed and hang things that need to be hung. I also need to grade two stacks of things (which I plan to do quickly). Then I have to teach in the morning, and then I have to meet with two students. And then I have like FOUR HOURS (if I'm lucky) to do TONS of things because I'm a JERK who WASTED the day today, in a fit of morose self-pitying laziness.

By tomorrow evening, from approximately 2 PM until approximately 6 PM, I must:

1) wipe down kitchen counters and stovetop, sweep and wet swiffer the kitchen floor.
2) clean the tub, toilet, and bathroom sink.
3) vacuum.
4) shelve books and either straighten the study or just hide things so that if a cat decides to open the door wide when he goes to the litter box, I won't look like a weirdo who stores mountains of paper in seemingly random piles. (Note: I am a weirdo who stores paper in seemingly random piles.)
5) dust (yeah right)
6) make pie crust. Because if I don't get that done tomorrow, my whole plan of waking up in the morning on Wednesday to do the pumpkin pies so as to be able to send one off with FB when he goes to his parents later that day will be ruined. And yes, I'm an idiot who refuses to use store crust, even though in cases like this one it would be the most sensible course of action.
7) make myself look fabulous and glowy and like I haven't been racing around like a fool but rather that I am effortless and awesome with no work.

In theory I should also take the kitties to get manicures, but there will not be time for this. Must remind FB to be very careful not to get kitties angry, or he will perhaps face grave injury.

Crazy times in the House of Crazy, my friends. Crazy times.


Belle said...

Now the question to ask Man Kitty is if he has properly trained Mr Stripey in the handling of The Interloper!

Dr. Crazy said...

Well, as of the last visit, this was a bone of contention between them. It seems that Mr. Stripey took an immediate liking to FB. So unless the Man-Kitty has been waging a propaganda campaign... well, he may be alone in a world of individuals who actually enjoy FB :)

Susan said...

Just to say, I completely agree with you on the pie crust front... the store ones are boring. Mine is much much better.

Oh, and my study: mountains of paper and books in random piles. Sigh.

Virginia S. Wood, PsyD said...

I had my study cleaned up once.