Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday: Taking Care of Business Edition

So I did take care of a few things yesterday (cleaned out fridge, went to the grocery store, did dishes, etc.), but today needs to be a day of massive productivity around the homestead and related to work.

To do:
  • Get cash and put money on laundry card.
  • sort laundry.
  • clear off various tables of clutter.
  • vacuum.
  • clean kitchen.
  • clean bathroom.
  • grade.
  • email two classes.
  • change litter of kitties and straighten study.
The list seems short in this form, but in reality, many of the items include lists of their own, and this is a lot to accomplish, much of which I know I must accomplish in daylight hours in order to really get it done. And yet, I do not feel like doing any of the things on my list. And yet, if I don't do the things on my list, I will be mad at myself, as this week will be the week of visitors! Huzzah!

I'm trying to get myself excited about doing all of the above, but I'm totally not feeling it. I am lazy, and doing necessary tasks is not exciting. So I may be checking in periodically throughout the day in order to take breaks from the work that I'd like to ignore.

In other news, why do I buy French Roast coffee? I never really like it, and yet, it always seems like a good idea at the time for I do like a darker roast. Annoying.


Nik said...

What kind of roast do you usually like? I'm always disappointed if I don't but the French Roast though my CSA had some sundried coffee that sounded fascinating. For $20 though, I had to resist.

Miranda said...

I also like darker roasts but don't care for French Roast so I get Sumatra. It is very rich without the bitterness I don't like in French Roast.

Dr. Medusa said...

I think I read that darker roasts also have less caffeine. Boo hiss!

Call me later when you get a break in your chores.

Dr. Crazy said...

Well, progress is slow but steady. Emphasis on slow.

As for the coffee preferences, coffee is actually one of the places where I am cheap, so I typically buy the Kroger coffee. Now, my favorite of all of the Kroger coffee is the Italian roast. Once upon a time, it used to always be on sale, for like a dollar for a small can. Now, the small can of it is like 4 bucks, and it's on sale rarely, so I don't buy it nearly as frequently. And it doesn't come in the big can. In the big can, the only darker roast options are French and Columbian, and for whatever reason, they only have the Columbian sometimes, but I like it So. Much. Better. than the French Roast. Except I always forget that I hate the French Roast. And since it only costs like 7 bucks for the big can, I always think, "Maybe I don't really hate it?" and then I'm stuck with the big can of French Roast coffee.

So I'm both cheap and kind of dumb in this area :)