Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day! Hurray!

So I've done my civic duty and cast my ballot. There was a longer line than I've typically experienced - indeed, rather than it being just me and the old people working at my polling place, there were about 6 people there ahead of me. My polling place has *two* voting machines - yep, just two - and so the fact that there were about 6 people there meant I had about a 10 minute wait. Of the people there, only one other person and I were under retirement age.

So, now it's time to grade all day and to watch the news. Good times.


sciencetron said...

Hurray for election day!
I'm commenting because I'm a lurker who's started a new blog and have put a link to your blog in it. I hope this is okay- I have no idea what the etiquette is here, and it just felt like I should let you know! If it isn't okay for whatever reason, just tell me and I'll take you off the link list. Thanks!

Dr. Crazy said...

Hi Sciencetron! I'm glad you delurked, and it's totally fine if you link to me :)