Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I Didn't Think I'd Be So Happy

But I am so, so happy. And so proud of my vote. Even if my vote didn't really actually count in my stupid state. Damn the electoral college.

In other news, I am also happy (because I'm obsessed with food) about the lentil soup I made today. Although this recipe also makes it essential that I acquire a food mill (I made due today with a homemade sort of version, using a mesh sieve and spoon), which I had formerly thought was a totally stupid thing to own.

And I'm a little sad that Barack Obama's grandma didn't live to see him elected president, but I also believe, as he said in his speech, that she, wherever she is, knows he did. In my version of the afterlife, the people you love and who love you know when awesome things happen and they're super-excited about those things for you.

I also sort of can't believe that we're done with the past eight years. Whatever comes next, things will be different. And I'm so excited that we'll have little kids in the white house again. And I'm so excited for the non-suit-wearing Michelle Obama. Dresses, people! It's all about dresses! I'm also excited for Michelle Obama because I really do feel like she'll be a new kind of First Lady.

So those are my disjointed thoughts. I'm ecstatic. And pleased about First Lady fashion. And I think the lentil soup recipe I posted is really worth it for all to try.

(By the way, most of the new recipes I've made recently are from this cookbook, which, so far, doesn't have a bad recipe in it. So if you're looking for a cookbook, picking this one up could be worth it.)


Bardiac said...

I've been teary-eyed with joy and awe since the results became clear.

Dr. Crazy said...

I know, Bardiac. I don't know how it is for you, but how it is for me is totally unexpected. I wasn't originally an Obama supporter, but I am *so excited* that he will be our next president. I can barely convey how I feel here, honestly.

Comet Jo said...

If you are reluctant to own a food mill then the little blenders-on-a-stick things might horrify you even more, but they work great for soups--if you want to totally get rid of any fibery stuff you can pour the soup into a fine strainer or a chinois after you blended it in its pot (swirling the blender around in the chinois helps it go through quicker). That said, I've owned one that I picked up at a yard sale for 10 years and only used it a couple of times, but back in a previous life when I worked in restaurants I thought the industrial version was the coolest thing since the serrated knife with an offset handle to make space for your fingers.

Susan said...

food mills are great for applesauce as well as soup.
And where did you post the lentil soup recipe?

Dr. Crazy said...

If you click on the "lentil soup" link, that's the recipe I used.

Comet Jo said...

And I have no idea why I only responded to the lentil soup part of your post when the important thing is to say yes, I am very happy too, although it is mixed with dismay over the anti gay marriage prop in California.

timna said...

What a beautiful cookbook! Amazon used and under $5 with shipping. Just came in the mail.

Feels like a present from you, Dr. Crazy. Thanks!