Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thursday? It's Thursday, Right?

The week has passed by in a blur, and I think that in my efforts to not be the center of the academic blogosphere's attention, I've not thought about anything interesting - or, at the very least, I've not written about anything interesting. If I had the patience to figure out how to do a snazzy poll on the blog in the 10 minutes I have to write, I would give you some options for what I might post about and let you vote. Tragically, I do not have time, and also, it occurs to me that this blog is not a democracy, but rather a benevolent dictatorship :)

What this means, though, is that I've got to think carefully about what I would like to write about today, to lift my blog up out of the boring, boring funk it's been in. There are many topics about which I might right, some academic and some not.... I shall have to mull. I do promise, though, that I will post "for real" this afternoon.

Have a happy Thursday, blogging peeps!

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Belle said...

God, please let it be Thursday. Of course, I woke thinking hooray it's Friday and I don't have a class and I can...

And then I realized that no, tragically it's only Thursday and I have two classes, two meetings and dog school before it's really Friday.