Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sundays and Work

So, bloggy friends, it's been quite a whirlwind of a week and weekend in the Land of Crazy, with lots of things that have gotten in the way of doing work that I must do. But now, Sunday, popularly known as a day of rest in the normal world, promises to be a day of heightened productivity. On the agenda for today:

  • Make my Big List of Things to Do for the week.
  • Grading. I've got a stack of revisions to grade, as well as some quizzes, for one class, papers to begin grading for another (though I realized I forgot to do my comment checklists for these papers, which means that I can't really make a lot of headway with these until tomorrow), and worksheets to grade for another class.
  • Prep for the week, including some lecture notes, prepping for student conferences, etc.
  • Cleaning the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Sorting laundry and straightening up in the bedroom and living room and vaccuuming.
  • Cheffing up some meals for the week ahead.
In other words, I shall be busy busy throughout the day today, but the goal is that I shall work efficiently so that I can be free of work by evening. This, at any rate, is the goal. As per usual, if I get 60% of the above done, I will feel like I accomplished as much as is necessary, as really, not all of these things *must* be completed today. That said, if I make headway on most of them, I will be in very good shape for the coming week.

And I have to say, I'm really ready for a day of work, for the weekend to this point has been very social and relaxing. I had a phone date with A. on Friday night, which was awesome, I went out for dinner and drinks last night, I caught up with other friends telephonically and via IM.... All of this being to say that I feel like this has been a weekend of taking care of all of the parts of my life that really, ultimately, matter a heck of a lot more than the job. And so I'm feeling very centered and positive about everything, which I suppose is the best way to enter into a day of work. And there is a potential reward at the end of the day of work that has me very motivated to get the work done, which is nice indeed. So yep, that's the news on this end. I hope everyone has had a good weekend, and I promise that I'll get back to more substantive posting in the days to come, though I suspect that any posting I might do later today and into tomorrow will continue to be about the mundane checking off of items on the to-do list. That sort of thing is a motivator, even if it's boring for you all :)


Kate said...

I like the term "cheffing up some meals." My life could use some cheffing up! Maybe tomorrow I'll prepare some stuff for the week...

Horace said...

Hope your week returns to its normal dull roar!

Mel said...

geez, Crazy, after my own crazy and non-bloggable week I look in here and wtf? you handled it all with grace, I must say. kudos.